YSO debuts work of Eli composer

February 27, 2004 • 69
Felix Mendelssohn found his Fifth Symphony unworthy of publication. Brahms lamented over what he called a “feeble adagio” in his violin concerto. Performances of both pieces in each composer’s lifetime were received with less than lukewarm approbation. Tomorrow night at 8 p.m. in Woolsey Hall, Yale Symphony Orchestra takes on both — along with a »

Glee clubs rock Woolsey Hall in 104th annual concert for The Game

November 21, 2003 • 0
Tonight at 8 p.m., the Yale and Harvard Glee Clubs will be joining voices in Woolsey Hall to continue a 104-year-old tradition of pre-Game musical celebration. The Harvard Glee Club is an all-male group with 60 singers, while Yale’s coed Glee Club is comprised of 82 undergraduate singers. “We have an eclectic repertoire to engage »

YSO mystery film revealed tonight

October 31, 2003 • 1
Tonight, at 11:59 PM, Woolsey Hall will be teeming with ghouls, angels and witches alike, doing their diabolical dance to — you’ll never guess — classical music. Every year, the Yale Symphony Orchestra’s Halloween extravaganza includes a student-produced silent movie complemented by a wacky fusion of music that draws from a variety of music styles »

Knights to borrow Vatican models

September 26, 2003 • 0
On Dec. 20, the Knights of Columbus Museum on State Street will be bringing a piece of the Vatican to New Haven. The Vatican has selected the museum to exhibit the world premiere of Michelangelo’s study models for St. Peter’s Basilica. The 500-year-old display, Crafting St. Peter’s Architectural Treasures of the Vatican, will include intricately-painted »

After years in operation, ArtSPACE settles in at last

September 12, 2003 • 0
ArtSPACE has settled down in the Ninth Square District after five years of migrant operation and seven or eight locations over the last decade and a half. With its new home on College St., ArtSPACE will finally able to serve as an anchor to the rich New Haven art scene. Their new establishment gives ArtSPACE »