Drop out, join a band

January 24, 2003
Who in their right mind would drop out of Yale University, one of the academic world’s finest institutions, to play in a rock band? Solomon Silber and Seth Wulsin, former members of the Class of 2005, did exactly that. And their recent studio recording shows that they made the right decision. In the fall of »

GZA raps with skill

January 17, 2003
With the release of 1993’s Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers), Wu-Tang Clan set out to revolutionize hip-hop. Their vicious lyrics gleamed with intelligence, and the atonal evil of producer RZA’s beats was a jolt to the jazzy East Coast hip-hop of the early ’90s. 1994 and 1995 saw a barrage of stellar solo albums from »

Kweli’s first solo album is ‘Quality’

November 22, 2002
Popular hip-hop’s ever-growing obsession with materialism has been devastating to its quality of lyrics and production over the past five years. It seems as though rappers will never grow tired of finding new words to rhyme with “Benz,” and even the best commercial producers will drop everything they’re doing if Justin Timberlake calls to request »

Milo, Jigsaw and co. rock Toad’s

November 8, 2002
Though most of Yale’s musical talent is concentrated in the classical arena, there are still musicians at Yale who would rather bang away on the electric guitar. For them, the chance to play Toad’s is not only an honor in its own right but, if they are lucky, possibly an opportunity to be invited back. »

Underworld emerges with energetic electronica

October 25, 2002
Underworld may already be one of the greatest live electronic acts of today. But after last Friday night’s show at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York, they have undoubtedly proven themselves to be one of the greatest live acts today, period. This may be hard for some to swallow. To many, the notion of live »

Opening acts beat the ‘Nuts

October 4, 2002
The Beatnuts have come to represent many sides of the world of hip-hop. To hip-hop historians, they are a cornerstone of East Coast Latino gangsta rap. To casual listeners and MTV viewers, the Beatnuts are responsible for the catchy “Watch Out Now,” with the beat that nobody can ever whistle on key. With the promise »

Underworld innovates under the trance radar

September 20, 2002
While America remains hung up on mediocre trance DJs like Paul Oakenfold, Underworld, one of the more innovative electronic artists of today, remains relatively obscure in the American pop landscape. If anything, some may have heard their breakthrough hit, “Born Slippy,” which was featured on the Trainspotting soundtrack, but despite their popularity throughout much of »

Ani gets voice heard on powerful, emotive album

September 13, 2002
From the very beginning of her busy career and life, Ani DiFranco has been on a mission to be heard. For over 10 years she has led a generation of female singer-songwriters in the never-ending struggle against commercialism and sexism. In the process, she has expanded her fan base from its initial, largely female contingent, »

Not just for the horny: Toad’s has good music too

June 30, 2002
Music fans at Yale should get on their knees and thank God every day for Toad’s. In addition to being one of the best clubs in the United States, Toad’s Place is just a short walk from any residential college and only two blocks from Old Campus. No matter what genre of music you’re into, »

Yale bands rock it head to head

April 26, 2002
Excited as we all may be about the impending arrival of Guster, we must take time to remember that three Yale bands will also be performing on stage at the Spring Fling. On Friday, April 20, Morse College hosted the Yale College Council’s annual Battle of the Bands in order to showcase talented Yale musicians »

Die-hard Melvins still strong

April 19, 2002
Grunge may have died with Kurt Cobain, but miraculously, the Melvins, one of the genre’s fundamental influences, are still alive and making records. Hostile Ambient Takeover, the Melvins’ 18th effort in their 18 years as a band, is a rejuvenating collection of loud rock with a penchant for chaos. The vicious guitar and snarling vocals »

Heard it all before; ‘Dolls’ derivative

April 12, 2002
The Goo Goo Dolls are another one of those bands that makes a living by creating music that is essentially just unobtrusive. The title of their newest album, “Gutterflower,” conjures up an image that is fairly consistent with my description of the album: material that may have been pleasing at one time, but is now »