Jennifer Aniston surprises in powerfully written ‘Good Girl’

September 6, 2002
In the popular sitcom “Friends,” as well as in the not-so-memorable films “She’s the One” and “Picture Perfect,” Jennifer Aniston has played essentially the same character, who is essentially Jennifer Aniston. In the independent flick “The Good Girl,” Aniston plays Justine Last, a hopelessly depressed clerk at the discount store “Retail Rodeo,” who is so »

Arts careers beckon Class of ’02

May 26, 2002
Every spring, Yale holds its commencement ceremonies and the members of the senior class become members of the working class. Some seniors, however, choose to forgo the security of a “real” job — virtually ensured by graduating from one of the world’s most prestigious institutions — and forge ahead into fields populated by as many »

Four years leave Yale seniors and New Haven transformed

May 26, 2002
Few people manage to leave Yale the same way they entered it. Although four years is a long enough time for anyone to transform significantly, Yale’s atmosphere certainly seems to expedite the process. As the Class of ’02 nears graduation, four seniors look back on their four years here and remember how Yale has left »

Frosh counselors lack a life?

April 19, 2002
While you’re out partying with your friends on a Saturday night, they’re staying in their dorm rooms in case the phone rings. No, they’re not desperately waiting for cool people like you who are already out to give them a call. In fact, if someone calls, it’s bad. It probably means DUH time. Staying in »

Investigating Yale’s most fashionable professors

March 1, 2002
When Jonathan Spence, a professor of history, heard the news that the Yale Daily News had selected him as one of Yale’s most fashionable professors, he was so shocked that he could only offer the following response: “It will take me years to digest that shattering information. The only explanation I can give for that »

‘Troopers’: A few good laughs

February 22, 2002
Super Troopers is a movie I thoroughly enjoyed the first time, and I would eagerly go back to see it again to relive some of its best moments. That said, if I did indeed decide to make a trip back to the theater for a second viewing, I would make sure that I did not »

Yale yahoos wow kids with history lessons

February 1, 2002
How many opportunities did you have last semester to go see an English professor give a lecture about books? Lots, probably. But you only had a weekend to go see Bradley Bazzle ’02, an English major, give a lecture entitled “God Wants Gold.” If you missed it, you’ve got a couple more chances this semester »

Carra ’03 returns to Yale after ‘Fosse’ tour

January 18, 2002
I used to think my life was interesting before I sat down and talked with Alexis Carra ’03, who just spent eight weeks last semester touring in Japan as a star in her favorite production of all time, “Fosse.” I spent a day last semester shopping “Asian American History.” Carra wins. Carra attributes this opportunity »

Go wait ‘On the Line’ for another movie

November 2, 2001
I had a great time watching “On the Line.” I also had a great time watching Elton John and Eminem perform “Stan” as a duet at the MTV Video Music Awards. Furthermore, I had a blast when I saw Rosie O’Donnell dress up in tight, sexual garb for her role in “Exit to Eden.” All »

Frosh will find a way

October 19, 2001
He stares straight into my eyes, his face literally only a few inches from mine, intently telling me a story about the time he and his high school buddies stole a school bus and drove it around his principal’s neighborhood at 3 a.m. His name is Santiago Iturbe ’05, and he is yet another drunken »