One day I'll fly away...

On Flying and on Turning 20 (while flying)

September 19, 2014
You’re flying! You try to tell yourself. You’re some thousand number of miles up in the air and how is this not a cool way to spend your birthday!
Margot Bordelon DRA ’13 and Mary Laws DRA ’14 talked to WEEKEND about their most recent play, "This."

Margot Bordelon DRA ’13 and Mary Laws DRA ’14: Playwrights, creative visionaries

October 5, 2012
Margot Bordelon DRA ’13, Mary Laws DRA ’14 and Alex Ripp DRA ’13 created ‘This.’, a Cabaret show based on interviews with New Haven residents. The question they asked was simple: “can you tell me about a moment in your life when everything changed?” WEEKEND was able to catch up with two of the three »

Bill McKibben: Environmentalist, Journalist, Activist

September 21, 2012
Q. When did you develop an interest in the environment? Was it from your youth? A. Not so much. My father was an outdoorsman, and so we hiked and biked. When I was working at the Crimson, I covered the city of Cambridge, and at The New Yorker, I was writing the “Talk of the »