Leaving Home

May 25, 2013 • 1068
I sometimes wonder why Yale can’t last forever. In my mind, it does. Every fall, there’s Mory’s and shopping period and the leaves on Old Campus that turn from green to orange-gold. Every spring, there’s Ashley’s and Spring Fling and the half-fulfilled promise that the ice will soon thaw. We are perpetually students, in my mind, perpetually young.
Going to miss these kids

A willful amnesia

April 26, 2013 • 0
In the end I want to remember more than the beginning, more than the happy and sunny and warm. It’s not possible, but I’ll say it anyway: I want to remember everything.
This is Mr. D.T. Max.

D.T. Max: Writer, Observer, David Foster Wallace Aficionado

April 5, 2013 • 3
D.T. Max, a graduate of that school up north and staff writer at The New Yorker, just published “Every Love Story Is A Ghost Story,” his latest novel and the first biography of the tormented writer David Foster Wallace. In it, Max meticulously recounts Wallace’s lifelong struggle to succeed as a novelist amidst depression and addiction. Dave Eggers called the biography “well researched, deeply sympathetic, and incredibly painful to read.” This week, before giving a Master’s Tea at Morse College, Max sat down with WEEKEND to discuss what he has learned from Wallace, why “Infinite Jest” is one of the greatest novels of all time and what he’d say if he could meet Wallace today.
With this blog post, WEEKEND is takin' off onto the Internet. heyyyyy


Dearest readers, After three semesters, 44(ish) print issues and a lot of blood/sweat/gchats, WEEKEND is lifting off its papered legs and reaching with fledgling wings to new heights: the Internet. Have you heard of it? Well, now we inhabit it. You might think you can only enjoy supa fresh WEEKEND content on the weekends, but »

Neither here nor there

September 9, 2011 • 4
When Valeria Faggioni heard about last Friday’s International Students Organization’s party, “Ibiza,” she had high hopes for her first night out at Yale. It seemed the party was made just for her — after all, it was an international party (she’s studies in Mexico). She and her friends got dressed, met up and walked together »

“Marie Celeste” foresees mankind adrift in synthetic future

September 2, 2011 • 1
In 1872, a ship named Mary Celeste was found adrift in the Atlantic Ocean, devoid of passengers but still somehow filled with untouched cargo and personal items — the greatest maritime mystery to date. This iconic ship has become a metaphor for unexplained disappearances, for things in nature that occur outside the realm of human »

Post-Potter depression

August 26, 2011 • 0
I was going through a mid-summer crisis when I went to see the final “Harry Potter” in theaters. I had just gotten back from D.C., where I had become increasingly disillusioned with politics (I still couldn’t tell you what a think tank actually does). I was having second thoughts about my major. (English? Too bland. »
Shhh … don’t tell anyone you’re a puppet!

Puppet ‘Gray’ leaves you hanging

April 8, 2011 • 0
“To cure the soul by means of the senses, and the senses by means of the soul.” This line, which becomes Dorian Gray’s credo, appears at one point on the lit screen behind the stage as we watch his descent into aesthetic hedonism. It is the essence of Oscar Wilde’s “Dorian Gray,” in which the »


February 11, 2011 • 1
Amidst all the recent talk of improving science education at Yale, WEEKEND set out to find some of the wackiest research projects around. Naturally, we turned to monkeys and robots. Little did we know that in examining our primitive ancestors and the machines that will one day kill us to rule the world, we would »

Price & Prejudice

November 12, 2010 • 0
Josh, a Yale sophomore on full financial aid, said that his suitemates last year — whom he described as “sons of rich businessmen” — often took money for granted. He recalled one experience vividly. He was moving out at the end of the year when he heard one of his suitemates’ parents tell their son »