“Brilliant Disguise: AN ANIMORPHS MUSICAL”

February 27, 2009
After four years at Yale, I’ve pretty much mastered the delicate art of argument via tangent. Yet I will forever marvel at the merging of culturally iconic science fiction, interpretive dance and Bruce Springsteen in one grand, theatrical tribute to pre-pubescent nostalgia. Creators Jonathan Goldman ’09, Nozlee Samadzadeh-Hadidi ’10, Michelle Schorn ’09, Spencer Stackhouse ’09 »

What the ‘hell’ is going on?

January 16, 2009
Dante’s “Divine Comedy” is a staple of the so-called western canon. Aged and distinguished — though mostly just aged — like fine wine and pungent cheese, it’s the classic man’s classic. Roughly seven centuries later (incidentally, a divine number of completion), Russell Taylor, Brian Dambacher DRA ’11 and Dave Dambacher breathe new life into the »

Truth being dropped over beats

October 31, 2008
Contemporary hip-hop: ideal for working out, chilling out and rocking out. Yet, embedded in its entrancing hooks and steady beats are memoirs deemed unsuitable for publication. “Do you listen to the music, or do you listen to the fat beats?” This difficult question anchors Kevin Alan Daniels’ DRA ’10 original work, “16 Bars//soundtrack of our »

He said, She said, ‘Bone’ harmonizes

April 18, 2008
Who ever thought of Antarctica for a honeymoon? Or poetry that really comes alive? Or a love song that dares to tell the unfiltered truth? Apparently, experimental playwright André Gregory did. Directed by Paul Carey DRA ’08, Gregory’s unique and unnerving, yet strangely accessible “Bone Songs” is at once a love story and a psychoanalysis »

Experience Salome’s sexecution

April 4, 2008
Only the Victorian Era could merge elements of the Bible, striptease, necrophilia and a temper tantrum. Only Oscar Wilde would write it. For her senior project in theater studies, Jenny Nissel ’08 now brings it to the stage. Directed by Emma Lunbeck ’08, the Biblically inspired, yet artistically licensed “Salome” goes up this weekend in »

Get nostalgic, get stoned with ‘John and Jen’

February 29, 2008
“Flower children of the ’60s” turned “fascist parents of the ’80s.” “John and Jen,” a case study documenting this phenomenon, offers new insight into this perplexing yet prevalent development in American pop culture. A senior project for Jessica Poter ’08 and directed by Rachel Hanson ’09, the complex musical goes up this weekend in Trumbull »

Incestuous, bipolar, Best Western ‘Love’ story

February 22, 2008
In elementary school, we all learned the West was won, the West was done. But playwright Sam Shepard has a different idea. His “Fool for Love” resurrects the fabled Old West, adapting it from the screen to the stage, from the range … to a dingy motel room. Directed by Sam Kahn ’08 with hotdogging »

Disturbing, daring ‘Dancing in the Dark’

February 8, 2008
Largely-forgotten legend Bert Williams was a foundational figure in American theater, an inspiration to the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, the first major African American performer on Broadway — and a “real coon.” His simultaneous groundbreaking success and use of blackface is a paradox in the history of American theater. Premiering this weekend »

‘Usher’ fetishizes Poe’s classic

September 28, 2007
While perusing the sordid tales of Edgar Allen Poe in high school English, you probably thought they’d only come to life in your then-disturbed and reeling head. You were wrong. In a senior project for the theater studies major, Molly Fox ’08 resurrects Poe’s 1839 “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Replete with hints »

Brown ’86: Broadway to SOBs

August 31, 2007
This article has been corrected. You may view this article’s correction here. Exposed to musical theater from an early age, it’s not surprising Jeb Brown ’86 made his Broadway debut at the age of 10. Brown was an average kid with an average family and an above-average talent. Once it became clear that his summer »

Reality ‘Grease’s up New York

August 31, 2007
For those who somehow missed the original buzz, the blockbuster movie hit and the lackluster, Michelle Pfeiffer-ized sequel, “ ‘Grease’ is the word” on Broadway yet again. And just when you thought reality TV had gone as far as it could go, the painfully persistent pop culture phenomenon has transferred venues, infecting Broadway. The leads of »

Docu-theater nails the racial U.S. ‘Boiling Pot’

April 20, 2007
The mention of American race relations may inspire a vision of a spontaneous rendition of Michael Jackson’s “Black or White” — at least for some of us. The idea that race spans beyond the pop star’s binary can be quite the cerebral stretch, as typical notions tend to gravitate toward extremes offered up by Crayola. »