Once more, with feeling.

Reflections on Slam

March 11, 2014
“I just have a lot of feelings!” a slam poet exclaims to cheers from a knowing and appreciative audience at the Yale Regional Poetry Slam.
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I’ll never hate you, “Parks and Rec”

March 30, 2012
I understand that the first season is underwhelming, the concept seems tired and the setting is unexciting, but “Parks and Recreation” is still my favorite show on TV right now. Yes, the skeptics have valid points, but they’re wrong: properly appreciated, “Parks and Rec” is a great show with a few entirely flawless episodes. (For »
Don't get nostalgic, because this show sucked!

“Full House” was terrible

February 15, 2012
At the risk of slaughtering your beloved childhood memories, I’m just going to say it: Full House is terrible. It’s really, really terrible. Can’t-even-appreciate-it-ironically terrible. For those of you who don’t inexplicably own every season on DVD (um), the story goes like this: Danny Tanner’s wife dies, so his best friend Joey and brother-in-law Jesse »

Lizzie McGuire and her increasingly hallucinatory wardrobe

February 1, 2012
My cultural exposure during my awkward years was pretty limited: a Fall Out Boy CD, the pictures of guys on the sides of Abercrombie bags, and every weekday night at 8, “Lizzie McGuire.” Among Disney Channel tween sitcoms, Lizzie McGuire was something of an anachronism: with the occasional exception of Lizzie’s cartoon psyche, it lacked »