Anti-Fashion: Selling relaxation — In defense of American Apparel

April 20, 2007
I am face to face (or rather, face to groin) with Sofia’s crotch, featuring blue micro-poly short shorts and a S&Z Jersey zip-up hoodie. Now, crotch, breasts and all, she’s lying on her bed and enjoying a stretch in a green nylon bandeau top and yellow micro-poly shorts. At a restaurant table, while wearing a »

Struggling start-up

February 16, 2007
“No soy de aquí, no soy de allá, I am of the world …” Cosmic Jibaros frontman Ricardo “Rick” Reyes leans back and nostalgically croons a track off his band’s debut album, recalling the displacement he faced immediately following his move to America from Puerto Rico. The song — “Yo Soy Del Mundo,” Spanish for »

YDC aims to increase theater space

January 16, 2007
Visited daily by theater enthusiasts looking for auditions, production opportunities and show listings, the Yale Drama Coalition Web site has garnered a reputation as a vital theater resource. Offline, the YDC maintains a lower profile and strives to serve as both resource and advocate for the diverse undergraduate theater community. Founded in the late ’90s »

Virtuoso runway debut

December 1, 2006
A word of warning: Don’t look at Michael Huang’s ’09 collection. Stare, because it will take more than a glance to absorb the show’s layers and complexities. The collection, which debuts this Friday, could hardly be equated with the two-dimensional advertisements in Vogue that readers flip past without hesitation. In fact, viewers will not even »

Flashy glam androgynizes the Bard in ‘Tempest’

November 15, 2006
Drums, a keyboard, amps, electric guitars, piles of wires — the pre-performance set-up of “The Tempest: A Glam Rock Musical Odyssey” foreshadows an impending concert. The musical comes closer and closer to this expectation as actors and musicians trickle in, dressed androgynously in tights with powdered faces, colored lips and exaggerated makeup, various shades of »