Art In Proximity: The Ego and the Id

February 1, 2010
If you happen to be on 5th Avenue and 60th in New York City and aren’t racing down the street with your face burrowed into your scarf, you may notice two strange objects in the Doris C. Freedom Plaza at the edge of Central Park, a home to public art installations in Central Park since »

City on the hill

January 22, 2010
Beyond the School of Management, beyond “The Whale,” way past the food carts, beyond Kroon Hall and the Sterling Chemistry Laboratory, at the part of Science Hill where it stops being a hill and becomes a plateau, beyond even the Leitner Observatory, sits the Yale Divinity School. The Divinity School is composed of a single »

Hey Lauren, it’s me, Lauren

December 4, 2009
Dear 9-Year-Old Lauren, Hey, kid. I like your glasses. The red frames? Too cute. You’re so ahead of your time. Wanna hear something cool? My name is Lauren too. I’m Lauren … from the future (cue Toy Story Aliens saying, “oooohh.”) I’m you in 10 years. Yes I know I’m not wearing glasses. You’re going »

Backstage: Omar Searcy

December 4, 2009
Nine-year-old ’00s expert Omar Searcy talked pop culture, love, sports and politics with Lauren Motzkin and Gabriel Barcia in between soccer and basketball practice Thursday night. He also plays baseball. Q How was soccer practice? A It was good. Q What’s your team called? A The Indians. Q What position do you play? A Midfield. »

Bulldogs lose The Game, win Best in Show

November 26, 2009
Embarrassingly enough, I spent a good part of my morning watching the National Dog Show presented by Purina. I was setting the Thanksgiving table (forks on the left, knives on the right, wine glass, water glass, fold the napkins) with the television on in the background, and after the end of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day »
This student is not at The Game. She is at a protest … in 1977.

scene | From 18th-century to avant garde

November 16, 2009
In between tailgates, Harvard-Yale “bonding” events and, oh yeah, The Game, Yalies, Cantabs and other visitors may want to take a moment to visit one of Yale’s current art exhibitions. Because there are so many and only so many unoccupied (read: sober) hours in the day this coming weekend, scene recommends our favorites: 1. “Postwar »

Book Trader Cafe: Inexpensive bliss

November 11, 2009
The five best things I’ve ever bought at Book Trader Cafe: 1. Vanilla chai. I’m not saying this is actually any more authentic than the cinnamony-sweet Starbucks version, but this drink is pretty damn good. It’s less overpowering and more subtle than Starbucks’ chai, with hints of vanilla, nutmeg and … happiness. 2. $4.35 collection »

Landlords: School’s out

November 6, 2009
When Chris Scavone ’11 opened the door of his newly-renovated off-campus apartment at 162 Park St. this summer, something was terribly wrong. As he entered the aging brick building, he was struck by a strange odor, a smell that housemate Chris Labosky ’10 would later describe as “steaming piss.” Set of keys in hand, Scavone »

Make sweet iPhone music

October 23, 2009
I never buy an iPhone application if I’m going to have to pay for it. The closest I’ve ever come was when I discovered an app that turns your phone into a tambourine or maracas or a cowbell or one of several other alternative percussion instruments. The trial was incredibly fun: you had to shake »

Dia:Beacon — Day out:Beats your average

October 9, 2009
I couldn’t tell you how to get to Beacon, New York. I was asleep for much of the two-hour journey, waking only to find myself driving through the charming town on my way to the Dia Foundation’s warehouse. Dia:Beacon is housed in an old Nabisco factory, but the workers — they’re the ones in all »

Six degrees of ‘Fame’

October 2, 2009
I have the theme song from “Fame” stuck in my head. “I’m gonna live forever. I’m gonna learn how to fly. I feel it coming together. People will see me and cry.” Catchy, right? But with the release of the highly anticipated “Fame 2009,” I can’t quite tell anymore if it’s Irene Cara’s slightly raspy »

Swine floozy or simply sickly reveler?

September 18, 2009
Dear scene, I’m sick. No, it’s not The Swine. It’s nothing that romantic. I have no fever, no flattering flush on my cheeks, no delightful sheen on my brow. Rather than being quarantined and having meals brought to my room by doting suitemates and dining hall workers, I have had to face classes and daily »