A new music dream scores big in new film

February 20, 2004 • 0
I have often publicly lamented the dwindling numbers of new music concert-goers. With friends and family I have tried to win a wider audience by relentlessly extolling the virtues of the open-minded listener. With fellow composers I have fretted and fussed about the pressing need to find ways to gain greater exposure for contemporary art »

‘Canteloupe’ sweetens the biz

February 6, 2004 • 0
The future of concert music is the independent record label. The days of big labels have seen their end as composers and musicians create niches more and more highly individualized. Musicians, like any public artists, want the fruits of their labor to be marketed in a way that fits with the profile of the music »

Pianist’s interpretation is intelligent and original, but emotionless

January 30, 2004 • 0
Radu Lupu plays like an old man. On Monday night in Sprague Hall, Radu Lupu, a Romanian pianist of world renown, performed an all-Schumann program for an audience eager to gobble up every nuance of his unique performance style. From the posters plastered on every billboard on every corner of campus, audience members walked into »

New group lubes up classics

November 21, 2003 • 0
Isn’t it great to hang out with a bunch of your closest friends? To act crazy, tease each other, and laugh for hours? Tonight, conductor Eric Dudley will hang out with 30 of his closest friends from the School of Music to the tunes of Prokofiev, Bolcom and Beethoven. Synchrony, a new chamber orchestra, will »

New choir shows promise in debut

November 14, 2003 • 0
In my experience, a choral concert hall is a venue in which one ends up either recoiling, daydreaming or cheering. As with classical dance, choral performance is an art form that requires an extremely dedicated ensemble to achieve even a moderately satisfying result. Luckily for the members of the Yale community, Professor Simon Carrington has »

Students work to ‘class’ up the joint a la Haydn

November 7, 2003 • 0
To modern listeners, especially the younger set, the words “classical music” tend to evoke adjectives such as boring, boring and boring. On a spring walk through Old Campus the courtyard boom boxes may be heard blasting music of any number of genres, but are nearly guaranteed to exclude such mighty works as Beethoven’s “Symphony No. »