Lund: the Luddite’s lament

October 22, 2010
I have never been very hip to the times. In my second-grade class photo, I am the child dressed as a pioneer, blocking the head of Jason Wimbish with the brim of my big straw bonnet. “Little House” was the dream then — I knew a lot about sod — and it is the dream »

Banner’s back, baby

April 16, 2010
Another organization, snatched back into the hands of the students from the cruel yoke of Yale’s administration! Sounds like a fight for freedom, but in the case of “The Banner,” it may just be a story about tough financial times and the college yearbook. In 1995, “The Yale Banner” was placed under the control of »

THIS BE ART: Leslie Jamison GRAD ’13

April 9, 2010
Leslie Jamison is a Yale grad student, but right now she’s answering questions from a writing residency in the woods somewhere that’s she’s not allowed to talk about. Jamison published a book called “The Gin Closet,” which, if you turn past the great looking mauve negligee on the cover, includes trailer parks, Reno, and a »
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April 2, 2010
SWITZERLAND After two electrical failures, the Hadron Particle Accelerator in Geneva is up and running again. Which is good news for physicists looking to recreate conditions last seen one trillionth of a second after the Big Bang and bad news for the small camp who share the fears of Nobel prizing winning (for peace, not »

21st Century Groov(e)

December 4, 2009
It’s 1995 and seven-year-old Julian Kantor ’11 has a great idea. He writes a letter to the executives of a company responsible for the video game Pit Fighter, suggesting they introduce a character wearing a chicken suit. Nothing happens. Fourteen years later, having swapped his Sega Genesis for an Xbox, Julian has arrived in a »

Not your typical gap year …

November 13, 2009
When Michael Richter was assigned to Calhoun College, he didn’t immediately pull out his laptop and start joining Facebook groups like “Dontcha Wish Your Master Was HOT Like Ours.” He never logged onto the admitted students Web site to broadcast his favorite works of literature, and when the time came, he didn’t e-mail for a »

Someone New to Decorate: The Slow Birth of Kroon Girl

October 30, 2009
Mounted outside the entrance of Sage Hall, one floor up, stands a statue of an anonymous woodsman that can claim a little corner of the environment school’s soul. Students have been costuming this man of sandstone — dubbed “Sage Boy”— since the early 1970s. Like any icon, he’s thrown roots into the culture. A 2005 »