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Hard to Tell: Sexual Violence at Yale

February 13, 2015 • 0
The narrative, meanwhile, has left some stories untold. Those stories are of women attempting to live — not just survive — in this small community after acts of sexual violence.
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Your Vote Counts

October 31, 2014 • 0
Check out Isabelle Taft’s story on the Connecticut gubernatorial race.
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The “Right” Tenant?

April 11, 2014 • 0
When Claudia Merson drove down Chapel Street in 1995, the city seemed asleep. By the time Merson had finished dinner and was driving back to her room at the Colony Inn, the patchwork of service stores that lined Chapel Street were closed, and the neighborhood was pitch black. From her window at the aging inn, »
Dust can't kill him!

On Belonging and the Dust Bowl

February 7, 2014 • 0
According to Leo Tolstoy, all great literature is one of two stories: a stranger comes to town or a man goes on a journey. “Dust Can’t Kill Me,” an original musical production with book written by Abigail Carney ’15 and folk-country score by Elliah Heifetz ’15, is both. It even includes a third type of story: people trying and failing to be happy with stasis.
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Uncovering Wonder in the Everyday

January 24, 2014 • 0
As I climbed the stairs to the second floor of Slifka on a quiet Sunday afternoon, the world around me did not seem particularly wondrous. The smells of kosher cooking mingled with the heavy, persistent odor of old food, something that had me thinking not of the grander meaning of life, but rather, what I’d »