Those eyes.

Because We Didn’t Watch True Detective

February 14, 2014
SN: It’s been a long, cold winter—all my staple dramas are on hiatus, thanks to Sochi. On your recommendation, I turned to FOX’s “Almost Human” and Syfy’s “Helix”: reliable sandbags, stop-gap measures that shore us up against boredom. Just exactly what it says on the tin.
Reconsidering the worth of network horror.

SPLIT | SCREEN: Sympathy for the Devil

November 15, 2013
It’s hard to do TV horror; maybe there’s something about its rhythms of terror and catharsis that doesn’t mesh with hour-long serialized programming. The most well-known examples are long gone but enduringly buzzy, and even these can be tough going. When my sister and I tried to dive into the iconic and fetishistic “Twin Peaks,” the first pair of episodes was so emotionally exhausting that it turned back our best faith efforts. Should’ve checked it out on Hulu before getting her the DVDs for Christmas. Shouldn’t have watched it at night.
Aaron Sorkin

And it is surely to their credit

September 27, 2013
Aaron Sorkin, Mama always warned me about men like you — those sweet-talkers with chips on their shoulders, the arrogant, the fatally undependable. And oh, you’ve done me wrong this time.
Can the show keep up with the books?

Weariness Is Coming

April 5, 2013
We can’t help but feel that the season three premiere was “Game of Thrones” on training wheels.
Netflix now not only streams your favorite TV shows, it makes its own TV. DEAL WID IT.

Laying ‘House of Cards’ on the table

February 15, 2013
As if the heavens heard us and felt compelled to answer, Netflix released “House of Cards.” With a $100 million budget, a cast of bona fide movie stars and David Fincher directing, Netflix’s first original program immediately established itself as “serious” television — that is, when it wasn’t being called a very long feature film by its writer-showrunner, Beau Willimon.
Why must all good things end?

A Sense of an Ending

January 25, 2013
The human condition, they say, is terminal; so are most television series.
Dr. Meredith Grey wishes you a Mere-y Christmas.

Christmas specials: the good and the bad

November 30, 2012
Since this will be our last installment before winter break, we thought we’d take the time to talk about a special subspecies of television: the holiday episode.
Last Resort: a mix of the flavors of quinine and cotton candy.

‘Last Resort:’ Almost There

November 2, 2012
SN: This week, we look at the first installments of “Last Resort,” which seems to aspire to be the next “LOST”: a massively popular hourlong network drama the likes of which we haven’t seen in a long time. “Last Resort” is about the crew of a Navy submarine armed with nuclear missiles and stealth technology: »
Who's going to save us from J.J. Abrams?

The loose ends of J.J. Abrams

October 5, 2012
GC: We wanted to kick things off with the high-concept drama that’s brought J.J. Abrams back to a small screen near you: “Revolution.” (NB: he’s only the executive producer, but his fingerprints are all over it.) The premise ought to be compelling — the lights have gone out, and they’ll never come back on. The »