Famous Failures

September 19, 2003
Forty-five years ago, an ambitious young man from the West Coast arrived on Old Campus as many freshman do: homesick, underconfident and missing his high school sweetheart (Lynne). Fewer than two years later, the freshman football player, a future vice president of the United States, decided he’d had about enough of Yale. And so Dick »

Yale Icecapades comes to Ingalls

April 18, 2003
Michael Schulman ’03 and Allysha Powanda ’03 want to make you hot. And they want to do it on ice. On May 3, the seniors will give their final college performance in a show they spent all year creating — the first ever Yale Icecapades. “To call it a variety show is not even doing »

Gay athletes: anxiety and awkwardness

February 7, 2003
She used to be nervous around lesbians. When Margaret Aiken ’04 played ice hockey in high school, she felt awkward around her one gay teammate. But when the former Yale women’s hockey player came out to her teammates here, she said she could imagine them feeling some of the same awkwardness. “I didn’t really feel »

How High?

November 8, 2002
When a Yale student wants drugs, there is no reason to trek to some dark, trash-strewn alley. For most of us, drugs are as close and safe as the suite across the hall. “Selling drugs here is not the crazy world the media makes it out to be,” said Maggie*, a sophomore. “It’s not like »

Dive into the Drama School underground

October 25, 2002
Most actors have a dream part — some role they’d give anything to play. Actors the world over aspire to be Hamlet or Lady Macbeth. At the Drama School, they aspire to be flesh-eating zombies. Last week’s performance of “Zombie Attacks!” at the Yale Cabaret — a theater run by Drama School students — featured »

Yale musicians dig file swaps

October 18, 2002
According to the Notorious B.I.G., “the more money we come across, the more problems we see.” Of course, it seems today’s major recording artists are complaining about just the opposite problem — mounting a major campaign against the free distribution of music on the Internet. But the staunch anti-file-sharing position of major artists like Britney »

International grads reflect on Yale years

May 26, 2002
On May 27, Yale will unleash thousands of graduates onto the world. But four years ago, the world unleashed many of these same students onto Yale. For many of Yale’s international students, graduation presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities as they try to balance their culture and homes with their new American educations. »