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Edwin Sanchez: No Hesitations Whatsoever

February 20, 2015
Edwin Sanchez DRA '94 is a playwright, novelist, teacher, and mentor. Born in Puerto Rico and raised in the Bronx, he studied acting and writing in New York before being admitted to the Yale School of Drama. His plays have been produced across the country and in Russia, Switzerland, and Brazil. He has also written television scripts, and a novel awaiting publication. On top of that, he also teaches at the Einhorn School of Performing Arts at Primary Stages in New York City. His play Icarus goes up this week at the University Theater as the Dramat's Spring Mainstage.
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The Least We Can Do

January 23, 2015
Then the unique cognitive function (or lack thereof) that accompanies the early morning kicked in. As a result, I managed to sign up for the wrong organization. An excellent first note of the day. Thankfully, though, the notes improved as the day went on.
Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it....or are they?

We Are in Good Hands

December 15, 2014
“Professor Gaddis, the fate of the Cold War is in your hands! You must chose: peace, or mutually assured destruction. Which will it be?” the delegates asked. The Professor paused. His eyes twinkled. One could see the power, the fire, the sheer allure of destruction in his kind, old eyes.
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From the Field, Through the Years

November 21, 2014
Yale and Harvard first met on the gridiron in November of 1875 at Hamilton Park in New Haven. A ticket was 75 cents and 2,500 fans showed up. Harvard won. Since that afternoon, The Game has inspired fanfare and history, and Yale-Harvard has become the quintessential college rivalry.

The Unlearn’d Astronomer

November 7, 2014
For a moment, my backpack felt weightless. And while staring up at the first edition of the universe, all the data of “Universe: The Ninth Edition” seemed to fall a bit short.
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The Yale Bowl: A Storied Century

September 26, 2014
The Yale Bowl has hosted a panoply of concerts from the Glenn Miller Band to the Grateful Dead, international soccer matches, tennis matches, lacrosse games, theater productions, the 1995 Special Olympics, NFL teams such as the Giants and the Jets—and, oh yes, our beloved Bulldogs. Since calling the Bowl home, the Bulldogs have enjoyed eight undefeated seasons, two Heisman trophy winners—Larry Kelley ‘36 and Clint Frank ‘37—fourteen Ivy League Championships, and one National Championship. At its peak, the average attendance at games was upwards of 40,000, but the Bowl has held crowds larger than 70,000 on twenty occasions, even reaching 80,000 for the Yale-Army game in 1923. Today, things are different.
A different way.

A Walk

February 28, 2014
The common theme among the hundreds of walks I’ve taken since school began some five months ago has been purpose--moving with purpose, walking with intent.