On the interwebz: Kill the Internet! Chop down a tree!

September 23, 2011
I’m taking a class called “Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy” this semester, which — as you might be able to tell — basically means that I sit in a room once a week with other people who probably spend most of their time online, and we talk about made-up technology and sometimes space pirates. The »

All-you-can-defeated by sushi

September 23, 2011
All-you-can-eat sushi. Two things that don’t initially make a ton of sense when combined. Why are you forcing yourself to eat a bunch of a delicacy made from raw fish? That sounds like not what would be fun. But it’s sort of a thing here! Right? People take cabs to Sushi Palace on the regular. »

On the Interwebz: OK, Cupid. I’LL PLAY YOUR GAMES!!

September 9, 2011
“So, I think I’m ready to try online dating,” my best friend said to me this summer, and just like that, we entered adulthood. Or, more accurately, a certain phase in the lifespan of people born and bred on the Internet: we had already taken our friendships and TV-watching and diary entries online (hello, Xanga!), »

On the Interwebz: Dispatch to prefrosh: GET REAL

April 15, 2011
Seeing the gaggles of bright-eyed, pamphlet-carrying, not-yet-hungover prefrosh walking around campus for the past few days has me thinking back to my own Bulldog Days, during which I spent three days in Swing Space with a non-drinking host who insisted on going to bed by 10. I spent most of the time looking longingly out »

On the Interwebz: Ye Olde Course Packet is Dead

March 31, 2011
Yesterday, in my “Reading and Writing in Renaissance England” seminar, we spent an hour and a half discussing the internet while Yale’s first edition quarto of “Henry V” sat on the table in front of us and stared menacingly. Its anthropomorphic anger seemed directed not at us — even though we were neglecting our usual »

WEEKEND | Better than Rebecca Black

March 24, 2011
Everyone with internet access who is not trapped beneath a rock has, by now, encountered Rebecca Black’s “Friday,” the ear-assaulting, mind-numbing “song” with its Kurt Hugo Schneider-esque video accompaniment. So I won’t bore you by blogging about Rebecca Black herself — instead, let me introduce you to the other star of “Friday,” first visible at »


March 9, 2011
Those of you who have accessed the internet since 2006 may be familiar with one of the most basic internet meme templates of all time: Advice Dog, whose cute puppy face plastered across a rainbow pinwheel background offers large-text “advice” like “It’s terrible / to be alive” or “Drink bleach / live forever.” Since the »

WEEKEND | Franco, #wellplayedsir

March 1, 2011
So in the past hour various people, primarily my editors, have asked me — in that tone of voice that implies the futility of resistance — whether or not I would like to write a response to James Franco’s tweet. I don’t quite know how to approach writing a response to a picture with “F— »

WEEKEND | Franco, #getittogether

February 26, 2011
I have decided to write this despite the relative creepiness of blogging about a peer (Oh my god — I’m totally sort of James Franco’s GRD ’16 peer) who I don’t even have contact with except for when I accidentally get a latte at the opportune time on Wednesday mornings (Oh my god — we »

On the Interwebz: MyFace Ibrahim

February 24, 2011
Somewhere in newly Mubarak-free Egypt, there is a baby girl named “Facebook Ibrahim.” The name isn’t a linguistic mistake, as in the case of my ob-gyn grandfather’s non-English-speaking patient, who named her twins “Syphilis” and “Gonorrhea” because she saw the words on a poster in the hospital. On the contrary, it’s new father Jamal Ibrahim’s »

WEEKEND | Cool internet thing of the week

February 17, 2011
Sometimes my computer is too far away and I need to get on the internet right now, so I grab whatever laptop is closest to me in my incredibly messy common room. A lot of the time everything is fine until my suitemate sees what’s going on a yells at me until I give it »

WEEKEND | Grammys live blog

February 13, 2011
WEEKEND live blogs the Grammys. Gaga arrived in an egg. WEEKEND | Grammys Live Blog