Something to Tell You about Troye Sivan’s “TRXYE”

September 5, 2014
Two months ago, actor-turned-YouTube personality Troye Sivan — famous for clips such as “Waxing My Legs with Zoella” and “HOW TO BE COOL” — released a video on his channel called “I Have Something To Tell You…” Given the video’s staggering 1.9 million views, I was immediately interested in just what it was that he »
For always.

Into the Pages of the Past

April 25, 2014
The room is pitch black as I make my way into Sudler Hall for the 13-minute performance, the brainchild of Jordan Plotner ’17, Gian-Paul Bergeron ’17 and John Chirikjian ’17. The choir silently makes their way on stage. For the first thirty seconds of the film, there is nothing but darkness. Then, the singing ensemble begins whispering and murmuring, gradually growing louder and more cacophonous. Suddenly, it gets quiet. I turn my attention to the film just as the voices stop and Harold wakes up.
Sometimes you just gotta say no.

The Art of Unfriending

March 28, 2014
We all have those friends on Facebook — he’s the boy you met that one summer when you did that one activity together; she’s the girl you met during Bulldog Days, but she chose another school and you two haven’t spoken since. Do you remember these people? Neither do I. For many of us, spring »
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What Dirty Dishes Taught Me About People

January 31, 2014
It’s true — college bathrooms suck. But you want to know what sucks even more? Dirty college bathrooms. Sharing two showers and two sinks with 16 other girls is by no means an easy feat. This daunting activity is only aggravated by the fact that an unknown girl has been leaving her dirty dishes on »