The 12 o’clock!

No frontin’, just stuntin’

April 26, 2013
What often distracts me these days as I sit in the library staring at my computer screen isn’t the river of headlines or the steady stream of noise collecting on the next tab, but rather some unseen soundboard of springtime emanating from without.
With this blog post, WEEKEND is takin' off onto the Internet. heyyyyy


Dearest readers, After three semesters, 44(ish) print issues and a lot of blood/sweat/gchats, WEEKEND is lifting off its papered legs and reaching with fledgling wings to new heights: the Internet. Have you heard of it? Well, now we inhabit it. You might think you can only enjoy supa fresh WEEKEND content on the weekends, but »

Seeing the forest for the trees

September 23, 2011
When asked what she values most about her 72-acre parcel of land in northern Connecticut, Daryl Basch gives a moment’s pause before answering. She appreciates the historical narrative of her land’s agricultural past, but she also appreciates how secluded she feels from civilization. She appreciates the wildlife thriving in her woods, but she also appreciates »

Deus ex machina new haven 2011

September 16, 2011
This past Tuesday a tide long overdue swept up New Haven in a not-so-subtle sea change. It was not a violent revolution if you could call it a revolution, but a pure triumph of democracy. And although it may be hyperbolic to say the tide was “red,” New Haven’s workers rode high upon the cyclical »

Third Eye ‘Blind,’ and that’s just fine

April 22, 2011
To put it simply, Third Eye Blind is a band you know very little about. Most people are unable to name more than three of their songs. If you can, that is quite impressive. But what is undeniable is that most everyone knows more than three of their songs by ear. If you don’t, that »

Fortunate feast: Kit Yi Wong wants your energy

April 14, 2011
The monolithic sculpture building located at 36 Edgewood Ave. is not only home to Yale’s most tactile of art students, but also its most secretive (and unofficial) dining destination. The blaring red neon sign atop the fourth story window of Kit Yi Wong’s ART ’12 sculpture studio reads “Kityi Authentic Chinese Food / Free Sunday »

BEN CONNIFF ’07: Foodie, entrepreneur, lobster man

April 8, 2011
Ben Conniff ’07 is bold. For two years following graduation, he was a freelance journalist with a passion for great food. Eventually tiring of the typewriter, Ben yearned for a more hands-on experience, and a serendipitous cyber encounter with lobster enthusiast Luke Holden was the spark. Two years later, Ben is the Vice President of »

Beyond Relief

March 25, 2011
It’s easy to empathize with the land of the rising sun. Horrific images of rubble, videos of cars afloat in city centers and tales of refugees displaced from their homes are just a mouse click away. But our captivation with natural disasters in foreign lands goes beyond shock and awe. Maybe we watch to learn »

WEEKEND | FES student publishes young activists guide

March 2, 2011
In her talk at the Hall of Graduate Studies Tuesday night, author Sharon J. Smith FES ’12 told inspirational tales from the front lines of environmental activism — and offered advice for aspiring young authors. In her first book, “The Young Activist’s Guide to Building A Green Movement and Changing the World,” Smith chronicles the »

Noé fills the ‘Void’

February 25, 2011
It’s been a while since the world of cinema has been shaken to its core. Every few years, critics everywhere will hail a filmmaker’s work as “groundbreaking,” or perhaps even “wildly original”⎯— but rarely is a filmmaker able to package the history of experimental cinema and re-gift it in such a way that it changes »

“Utility” no monster

February 18, 2011
A quick perusal of the Internet, and one can learn a lot about existential crises. They may be provoked by any number of earth-shattering events in a person’s life — a separation, a major loss, a death of a loved one, a life-threatening experience, a new love partner, psychoactive drug use or adult children leaving »


January 14, 2011
From New Haven to Stratford, from Old Greenwich to New Rochelle, the Metro North railway rambles along the Connecticut coast before bidding adieu to the desolate winter landscape and descending into the depths of Midtown Manhattan and Grand Central Terminal. At the center of the city, Grand Central is a nexus of travel flowing with »