Living La Vie En Rosé

April 25, 2014
With the last of my Yale days on the horizon, and as my nostalgic side becomes ever more persistent, I’m beginning to seek comfort in one refreshing indulgence I know will satisfy me through summer: rosé. My boss calls rosé “quaffing wine,” meaning you can gulp down a glass as easily as lemonade in August. »
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The Surprising Ways of Chardonnay

April 4, 2014
In this brief warm respite from the hell of snowstorms and finals, I’m celebrating with one of my favorite white wines: chardonnay. To wine lovers, chardonnay is often thought of as the great “chameleon.” This because chard is particularly low in varietal character, meaning that, more than any other grape, its taste hinges on the »
Don't you wish the weather was this nice?

A Sip of Syrah for the Sochi Games

February 21, 2014
My suitemates and I have been hibernating the past couple weeks obsessively watching the Sochi Winter Olympics, avoiding the snowstorms, and consuming a considerable amount of wine in the process. Tonight, as we watch the women’s figure skating short programs, we’re celebrating with Syrah—a firecracker of a wine known for its signature spice.
Welcome to Bordeaux.

A Glass of Cab to Keep Away the Cold

February 7, 2014
There are few things I enjoy more during these winter months than sitting next to my non-functioning fireplace and savoring a big glass of robust red wine. And for me, no wine screams snowy weather more than Cabernet Sauvignon.
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Dreaming of a White Wine Christmas

December 6, 2013
My older sister Kiera’s wine preferences have long been the butt of many family jokes. Ever since she began drinking wine, she has only gravitated towards exceptionally sweet selections, often requiring us to purchase a separate bottle that meets her sugar quota. Alas, after several years of poking fun at Kiera, one of her go-to »
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In Praise of Pinot

November 1, 2013
Although it is officially November today, let’s be honest: We still have two more nights of Halloween. But, if you’re looking for a slightly more low-key way to rally, then I would suggest Pinot Noir, our grape variety of the week. If there were one word I could use do describe Pinot Noir, it would »
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Drinking in Autumn With Sangiovese

October 11, 2013
When I noticed the leaves changing on Cross Campus as I ran to class this morning, I was thrilled that fall, my favorite season, had finally arrived in New Haven. To me, fall calls to mind scarves, butternut squash soup, the return of my beloved television shows — as well as Sangiovese, the grape that »
Savor that last summer sip of your Sauvignon Blanc.

Say Goodbye to the Summer with Sauvignon Blanc

September 20, 2013
I, like most Yale undergrads have or will, turned 21 my junior year.