Kazakh anti-Semite gone wild

November 10, 2006
Foreigners are funny. Try as we might, it’s hard not to laugh at linguistic struggles and cultural misunderstandings. Why else would anyone shell out hard-earned cash to watch Jackie Chan, Rowan Atkinson and Ahnuld star in films with paper-thin plots that are forgotten before the credits roll? Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen and director Larry Charles, »

‘Marine’ flexes and blows up, lives to flex again

October 20, 2006
Oh, to be 10 again. Wasn’t the world simpler when a few deafening ’splosions and the glimpse of just a bit of side boob were the only requisites for 90 minutes of moviegoing enjoyment? John Bonito and the rest of the WWE (yes, World Wrestling Entertainment) crew responsible for “The Marine” certainly seem to think »

‘Chainsaw’ attacks ad nauseum

October 13, 2006
What can one movie do that five of its predecessors haven’t been able to? Sylvester Stallone will try to answer that question himself this year when he proves once and for all that he has no pride and no new script ideas by resurrecting the “Rocky” franchise. For the time being, however, we will have »

‘Factotum’ is a Bukowski bore

September 15, 2006
Few relationships have been as lengthy and loving as the steamy affair between moviegoers and drunken degenerates. It is a challenge for a character to capture our collective imagination in the same way that the hard-livers (or hard-livered, as the case may be) have. Paul Newman’s “Fast Eddie” Felson, James Dean’s Jim Stark and Marlon »