Mona Elsayed

January 19, 2007
If you were planning a fashion show and one of your models got in a car accident 45 minutes before showtime, what would you do? When this predicament occurred at the fashion show Mona Elsayed ’08 produced for Eunice Cho ’07, Elsayed kept her cool. And though the model managed to make it right before »

‘Hot or not,’ the football edition: a Game special

November 17, 2006
Despite what the sports page tells you, the number of interceptions or sacks a player made during the season is irrelevant to your enjoyment of the Game. It doesn’t really matter what the star players have done for the team, because as far as the fans can tell, it’s just one huge frat boy in »

When Earl Grey turns cliche: The Oolongs oomph

November 3, 2006
Inside Oolongs Tea Bar, paper lanterns cast a dimly lit glow on creamy yellow walls, and the spicy scent of a freshly brewed pot of chai wafts from the counter. In this little sanctuary of Organic Ancient Moonlight Jade Green and Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong, all of your wildest tea dreams will be fulfilled »

Athletes eschew the catwalk

October 13, 2006
Over time, the caveman look was slowly phased out. Wild hair was shaved and trimmed, and bearskin clothing was eventually traded for Hugo Boss. Most likely, this change was spearheaded by women who were unwilling to deal with a smell and style that didn’t compliment their J Brand skinny jeans and Marc Jacobs pumps. The »

scene’s (unfashionable) faux pas

September 22, 2006
Harvard Paraphernalia In high school, it was fine to wear the gear from colleges you wanted to go to or got into, even that of Harvard. However, now that you are at Yale, it’s time to go ahead and buy some new clothing. Dark blue happens to be much more slimming than crimson, and perhaps »