You love MoMA? Hate it? Blame Yale

February 25, 2005 • 0
Before Eva Hesse MFA ’59 was creating sculptures of rope, latex and cheesecloth, and long before her Minimalist work hung at the Brooklyn Museum and the Fischbach Gallery in New York, she was just another student in the Yale University School of Art. Hesse went on to become one of the most well-known modern artists »

Bisexuality and the Elm City

February 11, 2005 • 0
On Valentine’s Day two years ago, Anna — a junior who asked to be identified by a pseudonym — traveled to New York City to spend the evening with her girlfriend. One year ago, she enjoyed a homemade, candlelit dinner with her new significant other — a boyfriend. This year, Anna is in a new »


November 12, 2004 • 2
Eva watched slender glamour girls snort cocaine in the movie “Blow” when she was sixteen. Soon after, she had her first real-life experience with the drug. After meeting a group of 20-something guys one night, she and her four best friends ended up with them in her family’s empty condominium. First the beers came out. »

Trail-buddies are a must in campaigning

October 29, 2004 • 0
Two days before Kerri Price ’07 finished her summer internship with the Bush/Cheney 2004 campaign in Ohio, she decided to memorialize the experience – on her hip. It was a group decision. Price and four other campaign workers, including her boss, all inked themselves with elephant tattoos. Price may be the only Yale student to »

Take a hop and a leap with another Phelps

October 1, 2004 • 0
Ever wonder who the face is behind the Toad? scene’s Amanda Ruggeri went one-on-one with the man who has owned Toad’s for 11 years, Brian Phelps. scene: Did you party in college? Phelps: When I was in college, the drinking age was 18. But I wasn’t all that much of a party guy. I was »

After ‘Sex,’ Yale needs cigarette

February 27, 2004 • 0
From nine until 10 last Sunday night, nobody spoke in the Ezra Stiles College common room. And it was not because it was empty, as is usually the case. By the time the lights went down, 40 students had crammed into the small space. They squeezed together onto overstuffed couches, tried to get comfortable on »