My so-called sex life

February 10, 2006
Some aspects of sex at Yale aren’t that complicated. Looking for a hookup? “All you have to do is go to Toad’s on a Saturday night,” said Kasdin Miller ’07, president of the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. “It’s easy.” Despite this tried-and-true formula for a late-night rendezvous, other facets of sex at Yale need further »

Ycouture brings smooth gambs, lingerie to campus

October 21, 2005
Certain Yale extracurricular organizations are so established they don’t need a booth at the Activities Bazaar. Want to sing? Go rush a cappella. Want to put on a play? You’ve got the Dramat. Want to debate world issues? Join the Yale Political Union. But if your extracurricular tendencies veer more towards showing off design sketches, »

Beer pong epics! Yale’s newest films

September 30, 2005
While it may not have all the elements of a typical David Lynch movie — no twisted plot, distorted characters or tripped-out dream sequences — a new feature length comedy by Brett Konner ’06 does have one thing almost all college students can relate to: beer pong. Though today’s visit from esoteric filmmaker Lynch will »

Just grow it: Edgerton Park

September 9, 2005
The Yale shuttle will take you most of the way to Edgerton Park; a few blocks ramble through a leafy, affluent neighborhood will take you the rest. The entrance on Cliff Street opens almost directly onto the greenhouses and garden where members of the community chat as they harvest their tomatoes, flowers spilling onto packed »

Independent bookselling is a labyrinthine project

September 2, 2005
With its Clinique makeup counter and home furnishing section, Yale’s Barnes & Noble — the largest bookstore between New York City and Boston — often looks more like a department store than a neighborhood bookstore. Offering everything from shower caddies to Shakespeare, it’s hard to imagine why students would need to shop anywhere else. Facing »

I scream, you scream: the best a cone can be

April 22, 2005
Spring is finally here. The sun is out, the coats are off, and there’s only one thing on every newly defrosted Yalie’s mind: ice cream! Fortunately, New Haven offers a wide range of ice cream venues where Elis can satisfy that springtime craving. Chapel Sweet Shoppe 1042 Chapel St. Sun-Sat: 9:30 a.m.-8 p.m. As its »

Lights are bright on ‘Avenue Q’

April 8, 2005
With graduation looming just over a month away, many nervous seniors may find that the first song in the hit Broadway musical “Avenue Q,” “What can I do with a B.A. in English?” hits just a bit too close to home. But it is at least a little heartening to know that in the case »

Singin’ away again in Margaritaville

March 4, 2005
The best moment of Shades’ latest tour had all the elements of a typical vacation. Recalling the trip, member David Carpman ’06 described the idyllic tropical scene: a beach, a sunset and a nice hotel. Except Shades members weren’t relaxing after a day in the surf; they were rehearsing. For most students, the words “spring »