The LC Testament: Religion in the classroom

February 3, 2012
Sometimes, making a critical comment in class can entail thinking twice. Last week, IvyGate revealed that a teaching fellow in Professor Alexander Nemerov’s popular art history course was fired after sending a series of increasingly aggressive emails to fellow TFs and, eventually, Edward Barnaby, the Assistant Dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences. »
Jazz musician and composer Jimmy Owens

Dream a little dream of jazz

January 27, 2012
For Julian Reid ’13, pretty much everyone is a “cool cat.” He plays with his musical ensemble every Sunday in Morse Dining Hall (“Master Keil is a cool cat”). He promised himself before coming to college that, “worst come to worst, [he’d] practice music in his room.” One of his biggest problems sophomore year was »
Ishaan Tharoor ’06 edits Global Spin, Time Magazine's global affairs blog.

Ishaan Tharoor: International correspondent, blogger, global citizen

January 27, 2012
After a Yale career defined by an involvement in left-wing political activism, Ishaan Tharoor ’06 joined TIME magazine as a Hong Kong-based correspondent writing on Asian geopolitics. He now works out of TIME’s New York headquarters and edits Global Spin, the magazine’s foreign affairs blog. WEEKEND met with the busy journo before a Masters’s tea »

Is it worth it? Examining the cost of art

January 20, 2012
“It was an unreal level of demand — six hours per week and a ton of out-of-class time doing the actual painting,” said Cristina Vere Nicoll ’14 of the “Intro to Painting” class she took last fall. The former art major recalled the significance of this expectation for one of her classmates in the small, »

Holcombe Waller: Duke’s Man, folk musician, social critic

January 13, 2012
Watching Holcombe Waller ‘98, a former Duke’s Man and singer-songwriter, perform his traveling folk festival “Into the Dark Unknown” at the Yale Cabaret might have been the highlight of your week. WEEKEND sat down with Waller to discuss incorporating art and music, his move into a more electronic sound and whether Yalies should trade Goldman »
The Bard's works first came to India through the British East India Company.

Bollywood embraces the Bard

January 13, 2012
The works of Shakespeare and Western literary culture are inextricably linked. This is understood as fact by any Yale student: How often do we all endure lectures on the Western canon? But it is less obvious that Shakespeare could resonate just as deeply in the East. “Shakespeare Wallah,” a 1965 film directed by James Ivory »

Rules of Engagement: The H-Bomb Edition

November 18, 2011
Rumor has it that a worrying front is coming in from the North. And I’m not talking weather. Turns out that those Cantabs up in Hellville, Mass(-hole) somehow developed the misconception that we are willing to host their grossly malformed bodies in our suites, on our futons, in our personal space. This sends chills down »

JOHN PRENDERGAST: Humanitarian organizer, Africa expert, optimist

November 4, 2011
John Prendergast probably makes you feel really bad about yourself. A human rights activist who has worked to promote peace resolution in Africa for over 20 years, Prendergast helped broker an end to the Ethiopia-Eritrea conflict in the ’90s, co-founded the genocide-prevention organization Enough and has won multiple awards for notable global citizenship. WEEKEND sat »


October 21, 2011
It was the mid-1990s. Stacey Maples, a Southern Methodist University student at the time, was researching a multitude of archaeological sites in the rough and mountainous high desert surrounding Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was studying the anthropological remains of diverse villages and settlements, including those of hunter-gatherer tribes and agricultural communities. Traveling from site to »

Who cut the cheese? YCC’s Last Comic Standing

October 14, 2011
People discuss philosophy and cancer treatment, pressing class issues and future trends in global politics, essentially any and every matter of import in this big bad world on Yale’s campus. But the YCC’s Last Comic Standing competition revealed that when it comes to comedy, Yalies want to go back to simple brass tacks. And what »

Parenthood in the time of chaos

October 7, 2011
There are a lot of things you, our dear readers, would not want to become. Goldman Sachs drones. That one kid in your section who hasn’t showered in five days. A YDN-er writing a review far too late and on far too little caffeine. But the ultimate-crazy-undeniable #1 worst outcome are our own parents (feel »

You can, actually, go your own way

October 7, 2011
“This panlist is going to be crazy. Literally. I want so many signups Yale’s servers won’t even be able to deal with my recruitment emails and eager freshmen. God, I’m pumped.” A friend of mine breathlessly made the above declaration to me as we malingered in Payne Whitney before the chaos of the extracurricular bazaar. »