The Dichotomy of Love and War

January 31, 2014
When Cleopatra (Ali Viterbi ’14) learns of Antony’s (Iason Togias ’16) marriage to Octavia (Marianna Gailus ’17), she transforms from a seemingly innocuous queen to an unforgiving gladiator. Her disbelief is clearly at display as she threatens to kill Ledipdus (William Viederman ’17), the poor man who delivered the message. As she beats Lepidus, Cleopatra »
Steve Martin wrote about undergarments.

Playing with Underpants

November 1, 2013
But, before it reached this level of chaos, “The Underpants,” a satirical comedy written by Steve Martin and performed at the Long Wharf theater, started out simply enough. Government clerk Theo Maske (Jeff McCarthy) and his wife, Louise, go to a parade in hopes of watching the Kaiser. However, the royal celebrations quickly escalate into a disaster when Louise’s undergarments are exposed to the entire crowd. Terrified of the scandalous situation, Maske becomes terrified of losing his job.