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The Yin and Yang of Fear

November 7, 2014
On a rainy Thursday morning this October, police blockades, fire trucks and news vans lined Cedar Street outside Yale-New Haven Hospital. A doctoral student, returning from research abroad in Liberia, had been hospitalized with a slight fever — a possible precursor to Ebola.
Not as scary as it looks!

SCIENCE DISPATCH: Recycling Yourself

April 17, 2013
<em>This is the fourth article in a WEEKEND series by Aishwarya Vijay. Taking the time to read intense science magazines and research so that we don’t have to, Aishwarya will be giving our faithful readers regular updates and opinions on the field, so we aren’t all taken by surprise when, like, the sun melts.</em> I »
Dis bro.

SCIENCE DISPATCH: How that whole Richard III thing really went down

February 10, 2013
Now that the royal baby buzz has died down a bit, the English have found a new way to make the monarchy relevant. Except that this monarch has been somewhat irrelevant for more than 500 years now – talk about a comeback!
The worms are coming.


February 3, 2013
Apparently, people in China have been eating what they call “Tibetan mushrooms” for years now as a cure-all – asthma, cancer, erectile dysfunction, you name it. So what is a Tibetan mushroom, you ask? Well, perhaps you should finish eating first.

The Ice Cap Apocalypse

December 2, 2012
I care about the ice caps melting, I really do.