Rejoice WKNDers! Gaypril is here, and with it, a bevy of lgBT Co-op-sponsored events from a queer hike up East Rock to a lesbian erotica reading. So in the spirit of Pride Month 2011, WEEKEND decided to investigate some of our favorite gay bars (and bars with “gay nights”) — places to visit after the pride picnic ends. We bring you Partners, York Street Cafe, gotham and Center Street lounge.


  • liltomato79

    this was horrible. all four of the reviews. i would make a list of all the things wrong with this piece but it would take as many words as the article itself.

    basically you could have averted the disaster that is this piece by having someone actually queer and actually over the age of 21 and actually not a privileged little smarmy yale college student doing the reviewing. i know they exist here. apparently they don’t work for YDN though. shocking.

  • liltomato79

    Next time you feel the urge to colonize New Haven or queer spaces, resist. If you dedicated the same # of words to interrogating your own privilege as you did to condescendingly “reviewing” the young-/ affluent-/straight- friendliness of New Haven gay bars, Yale -and the world- would be a better place.