Short Feature

Mad impressive bling

February 8, 2006 • 0
Hey you! Yes, you. Are you about to be a Yale Graduate? We thought so. We could tell. You have Success written all over you. Hey, Lifeguard ’06 — you’re our type of man, sitting there on the third floor of the gym on a Saturday afternoon, watching to make sure no one drowns. You’re »
Short Feature

The Best Romanian Pop Song Ever

March 4, 2005 • 0
It’s not over until the fat lady sings. But if it’s a fat dude, and he’s lip-synching to an Eastern European pop song with lyrics about linden trees and Picasso, “over” will likely turn into “over-and-over.” Case-in-point: After discovering the lip-synching fat dude on an Internet video stream, Jason Chu ’08 and his roommates can’t »
Short Feature

Adderall: The academic steroid

January 24, 2005 • 2859
Raskolnikov. Rodya. Rodion. Svidrigailov. Zossimov, Zamyotov, Lebezyatnikov. Those crazy Russians and their patronymics, their confusing nicknames, their horribly long and dreary novels. Awash in a sea of consonant clusters at 4 a.m., a student finds those names alone might inspire a Raskolnikovian surge of nihilism. Why, it’s almost enough to drive someone to the point »
Short Feature

DKE & YPU: Filling precedential shoes

October 7, 2004 • 0
Before they were presidential candidates in 2004, they were presidents at Yale in the 1960s. Years before he would move onto the White House, George W. Bush ’68 ruled the roost as President of Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. And before John Kerry ’66 hit the campaign trail, he practiced his rhetorical skills as President of »