For Allah, for country and for Yale

November 14, 2005 • 0
As the sun sets on a cold October day, rain taps against the windows of the MacDougal Center in the Hall of Graduate Studies. In one corner, 35 umbrellas, jackets, and pairs of soggy shoes lay clustered in a heap. In another, four metal dining hall trays of food fill the room with the smells »

The seven steps to votergasm

January 24, 2005 • 0
Emily Michaud does not resemble the sexy blonde icon of the Votergasm Web site. Emily’s ab muscles are not as hard as Dick Cheney’s line on terror; her lips are not as red as Howard Dean’s “scream” face. Yet as soon as Emily enters the Cambridge Political Orgy on Nov. 2, every guest’s head swings. »
Short Feature

Dr. Kelly Brownell picks a ‘Fight’ with society, touting his latest book

November 7, 2003 • 2
Dr. Kelly Brownell is not Gandhi. Like Gandhi, though, he has discovered an important lesson about the progression of a social movement — and about the public’s response to widespread change. “First [your opponents] ignore you,” Dr. Brownell says, applying Gandhi’s words to his own experience. “Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you.” »

Overdressed, in a sea of birthday suits

September 25, 2003 • 0
I have a confession to make. Well, two, actually. Depending on your year, though, you’ll likely find only one of them to be embarrassing. So, Class of 2007, here is my not-so-secret secret: I went to a Yale naked party, and I stayed. Upperclassmen: I went to a Yale naked party, and I stayed clothed. »