City | 3:42 pm | April 28, 2012 | By Nick Defiesta

Dems’ ‘Change Is’ campaign catches on

The Change Is campaign features hundreds of photos like the one above.

The Yale College Democrats have been running a “Change Is” campaign since February, and in that time, it’s caught on at campuses nationwide. In the campaign, the Dems ask students what change means to them. Then they compile a YouTube ad supporting President Barack Obama that features the results. Since then, the campaign has spread »

City | 8:50 pm | April 25, 2012 | By Nick Defiesta

Romney wins low-turnout Republican primary

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney wiped out his opponents in Connecticut's Republican presidential primary on Tuesday.

Nearly 60,000 Connecticut voters cast their ballots in Tuesday’s low-profile Republican primary, giving former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney 67.5 percent of the vote and all 25 of the state’s delegates. Romney’s large victory was largely expected given his high polling and fundraising numbers. Tuesday’s primary saw record low turnout among Republicans, as only 14.4 percent »

City | 1:50 pm | April 18, 2012 | By Nick Defiesta

Occupy departs the New Haven Green

Occupy New Haven protesters began packing their belongings Tuesday after a federal appeals court ruled in favor of the city, paving the way for the protest’s eviction. The ruling ended a protracted lawsuit in which Occupy protesters hoped to prevent the city from removing their months-old encampment on the Upper Green.

Six months after setting up camp on the New Haven Green, Occupy New Haven protesters were evicted from their encampment on Wednesday. Police removed protesters early Wednesday morning, allowing officials from the city’s parks department to clear the Upper Green of tents and debris. The eviction a day after the Second Circuit Court of Appeals »

University | 8:44 pm | March 28, 2012 | By Josephine Massey

Jimmy McMillan stops by Davenport, eats lunch

Just some friends, having lunch in Davenport. Photo courtesy of Michael Knowles.

Jimmy McMillan, who came to fame for declaring the rent “too damn high,” stopped by Davenport today for lunch. McMillan was on campus to shoot a segment of a new web series with Michal Knowles ’12. The series, a weekly political show titled “Too Damn Live with Michael Knowles and Jimmy McMillan,” will debut on »

City | 12:49 pm | March 26, 2012 | By Ben Prawdzik

Dartmouth president nominated for World Bank

President Barack Obama nominates Jim Yong Kim to the World Bank's presidency.

President Barack Obama on Friday nominated Dartmouth College President Jim Yong Kim to become the new head of the World Bank. “The leader of the World Bank should have a deep understanding of both the role that development plays in the world and the importance of creating conditions where assistance is no longer needed,” Obama »