City | 12:17 am | October 18, 2012 | By Clinton Wang

‘Apple picking’ thief strikes Chapel and High


The Yale community may soon receive another message from Yale Police Chief Ronnell Higgins after a Wednesday night theft attempt broke out just hours after Higgins released an afternoon safety advisory on iPhone theft. Dubbed “apple picking,” the new phenomenon has been on the rise as thieves target iPhone users for robbery attempts. But the »

City | 4:46 pm | October 17, 2012 | By Lorenzo Ligato

Yee ’12 pleads not guilty to felony charge

At a Tuesday court hearing, Eric Yee ’12 pled not guilty to one count of illegal weapon possession after police responding to threatening comments Yee allegedly made about children discovered an assault rifle in Yee’s house last September. Officers searching his house found a Heckler & Koch M-94 assault rifle in his Santa Clarita, Calif. »

City | 4:55 pm | October 2, 2012 | By Payal Marathe

Roundup of New Conn. Legislation

The Connecticut State Capitol building in Hartford.

Sixteen new state laws went into effect yesterday, some original for the state and others that expanded on previously existing penalties for crimes of violence or cruelty. For your convenience, Cross Campus has compiled some of the major ones below so you know what to expect in the upcoming year. Medical marijuana (HB 5389): One »

City | 8:16 pm | February 15, 2012 | By Daniel Sisgoreo

Attorney in Ricci v. DeStefano files motion in new suit

The “New Haven 20” respond to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June 2009.

New Haven’s fire department could soon be back in the U.S. Supreme Court, the New Haven Independent reported Wednesday. In the landmark 2009 decision Ricci vs. DeStefano, the Supreme Court ruled that New Haven’s fire department violated Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when, in 2003, it ignored the results of a »