Nov 15th, 2010
2:59 am
November 15th, 2010 | Sports
W. BASKETBALL | Bulldogs outlast Crusaders

The women’s basketball team (1–0) took a nine-point lead into the half, but had to stave off a second-half surge by Holy Cross (0–1) before the Bulldogs emerged with the 74–71 win at the Hart Center on Friday night. It was the third consecutive year that the Bulldogs started off their season with a close […]

Sep 29th, 2010
2:18 am
September 29th, 2010 | Sports
Yalies discover the sales side of test prep

When Deepa Chari ’12 took a job tutoring for Ivy Insiders this summer, she anticipated developing teaching skills as she worked to boost high school students’ test scores. But succeeding at the job, Chari quickly learned, hinged on much more than tutoring abilities. Ivy Insiders, a franchise that offers standardized test preparation and application consulting […]

Feb 15th, 2010
3:13 am
February 15th, 2010 | Sports
Through the Lens: Be mine

Yalies across campus felt the love Sunday night as they celebrated Valentine’s Day, or, as some like to call it, “Singles Awareness Day.” Whether you have a special someone or are flying solo, commercialism is for everybody to enjoy. Photographers Jane Long and Grace Patuwo captured the love. Created with flickr slideshow.

May 28th, 2007
7:15 pm
May 28th, 2007 | Uncategorized
Day Nine: A belated accounting

It turns out that getting on the Internet was more difficult in suburban New Jersey than anywhere we traveled in China. Thirty hours of travel and jet lag, combined with the failure of my family’s DSL connection, explain the serious delay of this post. On our last day in China, Xu Zheng, a vice president […]

May 24th, 2007
9:04 am
May 24th, 2007 | Uncategorized
Gone packin

We’ll be back tomorrow from the U.S. to let you know about the last day of the trip.

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