City | 3:28 pm | January 11, 2013 | By Maya Averbuch

New Haven Register quells fears over alien invasion

These snow patterns were not made by aliens, the New Haven Register has confirmed.

Fearful New Havenites can rest assured that the mysterious snow patterns that appeared on the Green earlier this week were not the work of extraterrestrials— at least according to one authority. With the relieving headline “New Haven Green ‘crop circles’ not likely made by aliens, expert says,” the New Haven Register took the lead in »

WEEKEND | 6:29 pm | October 6, 2012 | By Maya Averbuch

The Yale Cabaret’s whacked-out death song

The ominous whine of a cello and violin fill the stage, punctuated by the pulse of an upright bass, as a young man on the side of the stage looks around, dazed. He swats at a light bulb hanging from the ceiling, stumbles backward, and soon encounters a man in black, who silently tries to »