University | 11:16 pm | January 28, 2013 | By Jessica Hallam

Dartmouth to stop offering credit for AP scores

Dartmouth College

Dishing out mountains of cash for AP exams may soon become a thing of the past. Beginning in fall of 2014, Dartmouth will no longer exchange AP scores for credit in any subject. The policy change, which will affect Dartmouth’s class of 2018 first, came after the school’s Psychology Department conducted an experiment on an incoming »

City | 9:29 pm | November 6, 2012 | By Jessica Hallam

Murphy beats McMahon in Senate race

Chris Murphy defeated Linda McMahon on Tuesday to clinch the Conn. Senate seat.

Democratic Congressman Chris Murphy defeated Republican rival McMahon in Connecticut’s Senate race to become the state’s new Senator-elect. The Associated Press reported Murphy’s victory at 8:30 Tuesday night, settling one of the most closely-watched Senate races in the country, as it may determine majority control in the Senate. The battle between Murphy and McMahon proved »

WEEKEND | 1:01 pm | October 20, 2012 | By Jessica Hallam

Opening My Mind — Experiencing an ‘Art Intervention’


“Mitt Romney needs a haircut!” I screamed unto the gods. Why? I was protesting — obviously. Over the course of 20 minutes this Thursday, I did a lot of that. I shouted to the world — or, at least, anyone who would listen to me on Cross Campus — that prisons should be burned, and, »

University | 5:04 pm | October 17, 2012 | By Jessica Hallam

‘Wilma Dickfit’ to visit campus, allegedly

Pundits strike again with fake Master's Tea for "Wilma Dickfit."

Yale is plastered — literally — with sex. The Pundits (?) have taken to the walls of Yale with massive displays of innuendo. On Wednesday afternoon, a poster for a Saybrook Master’s Tea with “Wilma Dickfit” (will it?) — alleged author of “Let’s Find Out The Hard Way” — appeared on entryways and bulletin boards »

University | 8:55 pm | October 14, 2012 | By Jessica Hallam

Harvard ‘Incestfest’ draws criticism

Harvard Yard

Attention: There’s controversy brewing at Harvard. An “Incestfest” dance to be hosted by Harvard’s Kirkland Hall this December has drawn criticism from members of the Harvard community and national media for its controversial name. The dance — which gets its name because it is only open to Kirkland Hall residents — encourages attendees to “hook »