City | 10:24 pm | January 26, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

For Connecticut, predicted surplus turns into deficit

The Connecticut State Capitol building in Hartford.

Connecticut is currently looking at a budget deficit of $144.5 million, a far cry from the $100 million surplus it predicted two months ago, the Hartford Courant reported Thursday. The state’s ties to Wall Street are part of the problem — as a result of a downturn in holiday bonuses, wealthy bankers living in Fairfield »

Culture | 5:37 pm | January 24, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Iconic acting professor dies

Earle Gister, above, died at his home this weekend at the age of 77.

Earle Gister, a professor who taught at the School of Drama for 20 years, died in his sleep Jan. 22 at his home in New Haven. He was 77. Gister joined the Yale School of Drama in 1979, and served as associate dean for academic affairs and chair of the acting program for 19 years. »

Culture | 4:44 pm | January 23, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Drama School names new head of playwriting

"Matilda: the Musical" launched while Jeanie O'Hare was at the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Jeanie O’Hare, the in-house dramaturg of the Royal Shakespeare Company in London, will be the new chair of the School of Drama’s playwriting department, the school announced in a press release Monday. O’Hare has been with the Royal Shakespeare Company for the last six years. During O’Hare’s tenure, the Company commissioned 75 new writers and »

City | 3:45 am | January 23, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Late-night fire alarm rocks Davenport


Students in Davenport College were awoken minutes before 3 a.m. by the less-than-dulcet announcement that a fire emergency had been declared in the building. Davenporters in three entryways, and those in the college’s common room and library, streamed into the college’s courtyard in various states of undress and irritation. While the initial general consensus was »

University | 7:33 pm | January 17, 2012 | By Akbar Ahmed

Waterfowl conservation posters appear on campus


If you’ve been wading through campus the last few days, you have probably seen one of the posters pictured above. Maybe you thought it meant Alfred Hitchcock was prescient and the Ducks are staging a takeover, or maybe you thought it was finally time for the hunt. Regardless, Cross Campus decided to investigate. Turns out »