June 25th, 2012 | City

Box 63 liquor license suspended

New Haven police and liquor control agents raided Box 63 on Oct. 13, 2011.
New Haven police and liquor control agents raided Box 63 on Oct. 13, 2011. Photo by Nick Defiesta.

Late-night hotspot Box 63 will go alcohol-free on Independence Day, after its liquor license was suspended for several underage drinking violations last October.

Connecticut’s Liquor Control Commission announced Friday that it fined Box 63 $1,000 and suspended the restaurant’s liquor license for July 3 and 4, the New Haven Independent reported. Those penalties are the result of several violations registered on the night of Oct. 13, when New Haven Police Department officers and liquor control agents raided the premises and found that two minors had been served by bartenders.

The inspectors also found that Box’s liquor license was not properly recorded with the city town clerk and that one customer had been served two drinks at one time, Liquor Control Division director John Suchy told the Independent.

While these violations ordinarily warrant a four-day suspension and a $1,500 fine, Suchy said the two additional days and $500 is being “held in abeyance” for six months and may be waived, pending further compliance with state liquor laws.

  • uncommons

    Two minors?! Someone being served two drinks at a time?! Thank you, NHPD, for keeping the community safe.

    Oh wait..


  • phantomllama

    The NHPD have such wonderful priorities, and such a sense of proportion.

  • DocHollidaye

    How can they stop the adults who continually purchase drinks for minors? I’m sure there are plenty of those type of cases that never get found out, especially in a crowded bar.