January 15th, 2012 | University

Early admissions get tougher at elite schools

Harvard Yard
Harvard Yard Photo by ChenSiYuan/Creative Commons.

At least when it comes to early applications, it’s hard out there for a WASP.

A larger, more diverse group of early applicants to America’s most elite universities has made early admission more elusive, especially for students from Northeastern prep schools, according to a New York Times article Friday. In the past, prep schools dominated the early rounds, but times are changing. At Princeton, for example, the majority of students accepted last month come from public high schools, and 37 percent are minorities. At Harvard, 20 percent of this year’s early admits are black or Hispanic.

Last year, Harvard, Princeton and the University of Virginia reinstated early admissions policies, ushering in more deferrals and rejections. Yale admitted 15.7 percent of its early applicants to the class of 2016.

  • GlobalArts

    What exactly does this mean “it’s hard out there for a WASP”? It’s still harder for people of color to get in …only 20% of Harvard’s early admits were Black or Hispanic, that means 80% were not. Princeton’s 37% includes Asians (many of whom are not poor), bottom line it’s still harder for Blacks and Hispanics to get into the Ivy League than WASPs. There’s no need to lament the hardship of WASPs getting in, try being poor and going to a public school, no SAT prep course because your parent’s can’t afford and then tell me “it’s hard out there for a WASP”.

  • btcl

    except that blog ledes are usually JOKES

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