November 8th, 2011 | University

Ugandan journalist supports Mitt Romney

Andrew Mwenda speaks on campus on Monday.
Andrew Mwenda speaks on campus on Monday. Photo by Jennifer Cheung.

Before Ugandan journalist Andrew Mwenda delivered a speech as part of the Yale African Students Assocation’s Africa Week, he sat down with the News for some frank conversation. While Mwenda reinforced his thoughts on African aid in his speech, a lot of his thoughts about American politics didn’t make it into the discussion.

Mwenda gave us some choice words about the ongoing Presidential primary. On the American political spectrum, Mwenda identifies as a Republican. As far as 2012 goes, he thinks Mitt Romney is the “best candidate” in the Republican field. He is not a fan of President Barack Obama.

“I find Obama too hypocritical and pretentious for my liking. He applies values to himself to paint himself clean when he is not,” Mwenda said. “His first term has been to fill his ego, win re-election and enact his socialist agenda.”

Despite his negative views of Obama and general antagonism towards Western aid, Mwenda had positive things to say about his interactions with Americans.

“My view of American society is a sample size of the upper intellectual class,” Mwenda said. “They are much more refined and open-minded than [Ugandans].”

He also gave a thumbs-up to the Yale education.

“I like the Western education system because it teaches students to critique knowledge,” Mwenda noted. “In Uganda, they teach students to memorize knowldege. Western students are analytical while Ugandan students are narrow-minded.”

Mwenda concluded his interview with the News stating that, citizenship issues aside, he would love to be the President of the United States, and considers himself an “honorary American.”

  • ColinRoss

    Really, Andrew Mwenda? I guess Obama’s dispatch of 100 special forces troops to your country to help you guys beat the brutal killers who are ravaging it was just another example of his ego-boosting.

  • jpressyale


  • mikemasw

    Guys, key basic facts: 1) The LRA have not been operating in Uganda since 2006 because the Ugandan army forced them out. Thus while they are brutal ravaging killers, and operating in nearby countries, your arrogant demand for gratefulness is a bit misplaced. 2) Northern Uganda is actually having a boom of growth thanks in part to the LRA’s absence and the relative peace in and therefore trade with Southern Sudan. Wikipedia much?

    As for the motives for the deployment, I wouldn’t call it “ego-boosting” but it’s not all beneficence.