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Prefrosh receive canine sendoff

Photo by Victor Kang.

Not letting a big inflatable version of himself outshine him, Handsome Dan appeared on the last day of Bulldog Days 2011 to a crowd of excited prefrosh and parents to wish them a safe journey home.

  • Blastoise11

    What a thoughtful and well-tempered Canis lupus!

    He looks as though he means well both on an individual and on a macro-symbiotic level. I would very much like to shake hands with that dog! It would be most enjoyable.

    I must say, however, that I am troubled by this streak of competitiveness that the author so astutely identifies. It makes me worried for Handsome Daniel that he may succumb to the jealous impulse one day. Hopefully someone allows him to be made aware of this developing behavioral pattern so he can self-correct immediately!

  • Branford73

    There’s an old adage about a Harvard man (yeah, that old) walks into a room as if he owns it. A Yale man walks into a room as if he doesn’t care who owns it.

    Did Handsome Dan bite the balloon, piss on it or preen with boastful pride at how great it was to have an oversize version of himself present? Or did he just enjoy the company and the adoration of fellow Yalies, not paying attention to the large though pale imitation of the real thing? I am confident he did the latter.

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