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ROTC makes Bulldog Days Bazaar appearance

Photo by James Lu.

The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps might not be officially back at Yale, but they were certainly back at the Extracurricular Bazaar and Academic Fair in Payne Whitney Gymnasium Thursday afternoon.

Two tables — run by the University of New Haven Army ROTC and the US Air Force ROTC — pitched the ROTC to prefrosh at the invitation of Associate Dean of Yale College William Whobrey, according to Major James Hamma. Hamma said he thought his group was invited because university administration is in talks to bring back ROTC to campus.

University administrators have been considering the reintroduction of the ROTC since President Barack Obama signed the repeal of “don’t ask, don’t tell” — the military’s policy banning gays and lesbians from serving openly — on Dec. 22.

Still, Hamma said three Yalies already travel up to Storrs, Conn. to participate in his US Air Force ROTC unit. Major Glenn Colby, of the UNH Army ROTC, declined to comment and Whobrey could not be immediately reached.

ROTC has been banned from Yale’s campus since 1969.

  • rmbonds

    “ROTC has been banned from Yale’s campus since 1969.” Not true.

    First, it wasn’t banned. ROTC itself decided to leave Yale after the faculty voted to withdraw awarding academic credit to ROTC courses.

    Second, the program didn’t close at Yale until 1972.

  • Segal

    @rmbonds – I don’t know the exact details at Yale, but at other colleges such as Harvard and Columbia the military had no alternative under the ROTC Vitalization Act of 1964 to leave after the faculty appointments were withdrawn, violating one provision of the law. Others such as Princeton and MIT kept ROTC by giving the ROTC faculty titles such as Visiting Professors. So it is best to avoid the term “banned” and instead refer to this as “effectively barred”.

    More details at http://www.securenation.org/re-legitimizing-rotc/ and http://www.advocatesforrotc.org/issues/faculty/

    On credit, none is required by law; all that is required is listing the courses in the course catalog. More details at http://www.advocatesforrotc.org/issues/credit/


    As a former member of the United States Army and a former AFROTC cadet, I must offer my apologies to the incoming freshman class at Yale University. It is a shame in this day and age that the US Army chooses to approach prospective officer candidates with two bullet headed officers wearing their work clothes and handing out some inexpensive trinkets.

    The old Army recruiting pitch, “Be all that you can be” said it all for me. I looked on and still look on the Army and military service in general as the ultimate opportunity to learn to lead and to follow. It is also, for those who are gifted in this society, a way to pay back some of their debt. It gives you a unique opportunity to learn about your fellow citizens. We get, as leaders, the opportunity to see them up close and in my father’s words as a World War II vet, “to meet and know people that you never would get to meet and know in any other way”. This opportunity, trust me, will serve you well in life.

    Men and women of Yale, you have a proud tradition of serving your country back to the time of Nathan Hale. You have the opportunity now to serve her again and bring with you the unique gifts of a truly liberal education. Your education is the diversity that our military leaders need. My ROTC cadre was mostly older World war II officers who welcomed dissenting views which were based on intelligent analysis. Rise to the challenge, bring your gifts and perspectives to the table. You are needed!

  • grumpyalum

    Or we could work in politics to defund the military as much as possible!

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