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YCC Elections: Who’s running

Photo by Sam Greenberg.

Applications are in for officers of next year’s Yale College Council. Candidacy statements were due at 4 pm, and elections will be held next Thursday and Friday. The list of candidates, by position, is below:


Brandon Levin ’13

Rustin Fakheri ’12

James (Jimmy) Murphy ’13

Vice President:

Ivan Fan ’14

Omar Njie ’13

Kat Lau ’13


Cece Xie ’13

Archit Sheth-Shah ’13

Eric Eliasson ’14

Kwabena Boateng ’14


Matthew Williams ’13

Caroline Smith ’14

Obaid Syed ’14

Events Director:

Katie Donley ’13

James Campbell ’13

UOFC Chair:

Allen Granzberg ’13

Hassan Alkazemi ’13

Sophomore Class Council President:

Bryan Epps ’14

Madeline Duff ’14

Debby Abramov ’14

Josh Gonzalez ’14

Junior Class Council President:

Shivani Vohra ’13

  • silliwin01

    It’s a shame Levin has already started implementing an incredibly pretentious campaign. As much as he has done, it’s difficult to want to vote for him after seeing the pictures he has produced.

    My endorsements as follows:


    Rustin Fakheri ’12

    DKE was robbed of their victory last year; I feel they should be compensated now.

    Vice President:

    Kat Lau ’13

    Sophomores are too young for such an important position of leadership, and Omar has embarked down a similar awful path as Brandon Levin.


    Eric Eliasson ’14

    Cece is a girl and thus can’t be trusted to properly handle money, it’s hard to take Archit seriously as a human being given his awful IM refereeing, and Kwabena is from Las Vegas, which means he is too accustomed to corruption to be an effective treasurer.



    The position is meaningless.

    Events Director:

    Katie Donley ’13

    Women are much better at planning the particular types of events the position requires.

    UOFC Chair:

    Allen Granzberg ’13

    Definitely have to go with the Economics major for a position devoted to the allocation of finite resources.

  • yalien13

    Levin and Njie have the charisma, the experience, & the best platforms I’ve seen so far, so to reference Njie’s “pretentious” campaign, “I’m on board.”

  • silliwin01

    Yalien, you aren’t in Silliman, so you don’t know Omar like I know Omar.

  • yaleman34

    Silliwin01, I’m sorry, but no one cares who you’re endorsing. And it’s really sad you associate being “pretentious” with being clever, professional, and well-liked. Levin’s the best. You can tell how high quality his work is/will be by judging the incredible campaign he’s already rolled out.

  • silliwin01

    What “incredible” campaign has he rolled out? He’s written his platform and posted a bunch of boring and meaningless pictures on Facebook that are unoriginal at best and blatant ripoffs of others’ intellectual property at worse. There is nothing clever about them, despite what you assert.

    I just have an ability to see through phoniness a little better than most.

  • isayhello

    Vote Matt Williams for secretary!

  • y_13

    Wow silliwin, way to sound like a sexist ass. You honestly wrote that women can’t handle money and that women are only good at planning parties? Thank god Yale is being investigated for its treatment of women if people like you exist here.

  • br2010

    the picture is hilarious. way to take a screenshot.

    LEVIN. He’s the best.

  • yale11

    Levin, Lau, Sheth-Shah, Williams, Campbell, and Granzberg

  • Archit Sheth-Shah

    Hey silliwin01,

    If you have a problem with my refereeing, just come talk to me civilly and point out whatever you think I’m doing wrong. If there’s something for me to change, I’ll do that.

    Stay classy,


  • mrmike527


  • Y_2012

    Levin, Njie, Xie, Williams, Donley, Granzberg

  • silliwin01

    Archit you’d definitely know classy given your attempts to fight female Harvard students during H-Y weekend…

  • Jaymin

    Silliwin, you’d definitely know classy given that you’re trying to start a fight over an internet message board, while still not having the balls to emerge from your veil of anonymity. At least give Archit a glimpse at who’s he’s up against.

  • silliwin01

    I never said I was classy? Anyways I wasn’t trying to start a fight, just making a couple comments I thought needed to be said. I’d love to transcend the veil of anonymity, but it’s so easy to misrepresent my identity here that anything I say of such a nature is entirely meaningless.

  • HaydenStein01

    Yea I agree. You definitely don’t want anyone to misrepresent your identity.