April 4th, 2011 | Uncategorized

Third Eye Blind to play at Spring Fling

UPDATED: 2:54 p.m. Third Eye Blind and Designer Drugs will both perform at Yale for Spring Fling on April 26, booking agencies for both groups confirmed today.

They join rapper Lupe Fiasco in this year’s lineup, which has yet to be announced officially by the Yale College Council.

Third Eye Blind, an alternative rock band that gained fame in the late 90’s with songs such as “Semi-Charmed Life,” appeared at Spring Fling back in 2004. Designer Drugs is a two-member electronic group that released its debut album in February.

Brian Greenbaum, who is in charge of booking for Third Eye Blind, confirmed in an e-mail this afternoon that the band will come to campus for Spring Fling. An assistant at the Windish Agency — the firm that handles booking for Designer Drugs in North and South America — verified the duo’s upcoming appearance by phone this morning.

Check back for more updates. For now watch a classic Third Eye Blind video:

  • handsomedan


  • seriously


  • ShaveTheWhales

    Third Eye Blind AGAIN???

  • wtf


  • PhysicsAlum

    Dang. This was already embarassing back in 2004. (Seriously, does this band do anything but play Spring Fling concerts for nostalgic college students anymore?)

  • y07hls10

    Wait a minute. Semi-Charmed Life came out when I was in 7th grade. I graduated almost four years ago, and this WAS embarrassing in ’04, when I was a freshman. How do any of the zygote-current students even know about Third Eye Blind? This year’s SENIORS weren’t even in the fourth grade. This year’s freshmen were…in kindergarten, right? When I was in kindergarten, all I listened to was Free to Be You and Me and my mom’s James Taylor mix tapes. How can this be nostalgic for any of them? So confusing.

  • justathought

    hey! kindergarteners and 2nd graders have feelings too! Third-Eye Blind, wooot!

  • BR11

    Third Eye Blind is awesome, even if you were in 3rd grade when Semi-Charmed Life came out.

  • JE2011

    Ugh. Can’t believe that my last spring fling concert is a steaming pile of sh*t. Thanks.

  • dm

    @JE2011– Even if you don’t like Third Eye Blind, your analysis of the concert is far from correct. Designer Drugs is a more than capable electronic/dance group. They aren’t Daft Punk or Justice, but they are strong beatmakers. Lupe Fiasco, meanwhile, is one of the best hip-hop artists in the game, and, having attended the Glow in the Dark concert series, I know that he is one of the best live acts in the country. So, calm down, try to listen a little to the groups that will be playing, and suck it up.

  • Goldie08

    the third eye blind spring fling in ’04 was the worst one I have attended. Followed up by the best – O.A.R. and the Shins in ’05. Yale should just get O.A.R. every year

  • whydoIhaveaname

    third eye blind is the perfect example of why the 90’s sucked.

  • Y_11

    I told you.

  • JE2011

    @dm: I’m pretty cool with Designer Drugs and Lupe Fiasco, but I can’t help but think that spending at least 10,000 to book a sh*tty 90s band whose claim to fame is the nostalgia factor on a song nearly all of us want to forget might have been a bad idea

  • jnewsham

    Ugh. Third Eye Blind said it best: I want something else.