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Eminem and slogans in Freshman Olympics video

The Freshman Class Council has come up with yet another promotional video for the upcoming Freshman Olympics.

Set to Eminem’s “Till I Collapse,” the video, made by Stiles FCC rep John Gonzalez, asks the question “What does it take to win?” Answers from various freshmen, including FCC reps, were written on Post-Its and compiled together. Responses ranged from the typical — “courage,” “drive,” and “motivation,” — to the satirical — “Ronnell Higgins,” “Sasha Fierce,” and “sleep.”

The festivities will begin April 8, the Friday before the event, with an opening ceremony at 10 p.m., FCC Chair Eric Eliasson ’14 said. Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins will be there to help kick off the event.

Events included in the following Saturday’s Freshman Olympics will include a variety of games from soccer and ultimate Frisbee to competitive Wikipedia searching and duck duck goose.

  • Yalie2013

    This year’s FCC is awesome.
    -last year FCC member

  • simis1000

    this year’s fcc makes great videos with a little paper and stop-motion. are they both by the same guy? sterling cooper draper pryce would like to offer him a job.

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