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Cross Campus: 3.29.11

A robbery occurred on Park Street Monday night in front of Pierson College around 8:30 p.m., according to an email from Yale Police Department Chief Ronnell Higgins. Higgins wrote that a Yale graduate student was “assaulted and robbed by three females.”

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow spoke at Yale Law School Monday at 9 a.m. In a question-and-answer session with Amy Kapczynski LAW ’03, a visiting associate professor, Maddow explained that producing a daily television show is like “merging onto the freeway in the dark, in the rain, with no headlights and no windshield wipers after you just spilled a cup of coffee in your lap.”

A fake Twitter account has been created in Yale College Dean Mary Miller’s name. @DeanMaryMiller popped up Sunday. A sample tweet: “ahh … I love my office in SSS. The chrysanthemum and Mayan tiger blood incense really reminds me that spring time is just around the corner.”

Timeica Bethel ’11 was profiled in the Chicago Tribune Sunday. The story describes Bethel’s journey from living in Chicago’s LeClaire Courts housing project to Yale and her future plans to be a talk show host.

Unbreak my window. According to Branford College Council minutes, a window was broken during “Crushes and Chaperones,” Branford College’s ’90s dance party, hosted in the college’s dining hall Saturday night.

Despite having told “Good Morning America” last summer he would be teaching a class at Yale in January, James Franco GRD ’16 will instead be teaching graduate film students at New York University in the fall, the Washington Square News reported.

Bark-ly college. Monday was the first day of a three-day pilot program in which Yale Law School students could check out Monty the dog from their library. According to Law School spokeswoman Jan Conroy, visits with Monty are completely booked — there is even a waiting list.

Voting begins today for senior class officers. Tiffany Pang ’12, or “TPANG,” as she refers to herself, released a campaign video titled “I am Yale, and So Can You” parodying current pop music songs including “Friday” by Rebecca Black. Watch the video at


1917 Over 2,000 men, lead by flag-bearing ROTC and American Band members, march in a spontaneous parade through New Haven that results from an address in Woolsey Hall by Dr. David Starr Jordan, who defends pacifism after World War I.

  • stat13

    I’m giving an opinion on the robbery that ocurred on monday in front of pierson college. Yale security should patrol more frequently the residential colleges instead of hiding where they are not supposed to. Security supervisors do not care about what their guards do. I am a yale student and I have seen sometimes 3 security guards together in a yale security car at night. I have spoken to some guards and they say these guys should be doing what they cal “residential check”, meaning they have to check every gate in all residential colleges and do patrol. These are the so called ” Yale security bike units” at night. I’ve seen the bike guards in the morning all the time. Where are the bike guards at night? Oh, yeah, that’s right! All three guards are in one security car in the corner of the Ivy Noodle watching the female students on park st. while another yale student is being robbed and assualted by three thugs…yalies it’s time to complian about these guys. If you don’t believe me, they will be at the corner of the Ivy Noodle in 1 security car. Their supervisors are just worried about looking pretty and not enforcing the rules!!

  • mysitcaly4u

    @stat13 on one of your previous comments you informed another individual to stop complaining on a forum about security, and talk to their supervisors. that it looks bad complaining on a forum, well guess what you are doing. you appear to have issues with the officers on second shift, hanging out at ivy noodles. there are times when individual are place on line patrol meaning that they have a area to be at for a given amount of time.

    we all need to be more security conscious, and report anything suspicious to YPD, also watch who we hold the gates open for.

  • harbinger

    It seems more likely “stat13″ is a disgruntled security guard rather than a student or employee. I’ve noticed quite an uptick in the comments regarding security since they had their union vote. Seems the pro-union faction is doing everything they can to rid themselves of the anti-union members. I’ve never had a problem with the bike officers on the Central Campus side. I see them quite often, they respond in a reasonable time when I lock myself out of my office and seem to be generally good employees. My peeve would be the Med School side of campus. I’ve gone to meetings and presentations at the Anlyan Center where you couldn’t squeeze through the guards hanging around the reception desk. The rather large one is unhelpful at best, when he can tear himself away from his cell phone or dinner platter.