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Times features Franco GRD ’16 at Yale

The New York Times featured James Franco’s GRD ’16 career as a student in Friday’s paper. The article explained:

Yale has had its share of screen-star students, including Jodie Foster and Claire Danes, who have walked a delicate line between visibility and aloofness. But by all accounts, Mr. Franco, 32, who arrived last fall as a full-time student in Yale’s Ph.D. program in English, has straddled the line like no one else — at once the retiring scholar and the focus of attention.

The article listed Franco’s various commitments and on his efforts to maintain a low profile, despite his highly public Twitter and a student-led blog “James Franco Has Fun” which satirically obsesses over all things Franco.

And, alas, we learn his life is not like ours. The article ends with English Department Chair Michael Warner recounting the time he met with Franco aboard Metro-North to discuss a paper.

  • ByZaika

    Oh Ah, but what is your opinion on that?

  • ByZaika

    meanwhile, do enjoy feedback from Asian community:
    alum: 127 hours was just his extended head shot or “franco looks in the mirror” session…..
    h.c.: But if you watch 127 hours in reverse, it’s a lovely story about a man who found an arm in the desert…..
    cynematic: Yeah, once he lifted up the rock, the arm was just calling out, “Take me, you arrogant a**hole, I’m yours!”…..
    Annie: He’s a thoughtless dick……
    jully: just wait 15 yrs or so… we’ll be hearing about his tiger blood and adonis dna. (winning!!)…..
    panney: The Oscars should be reserved for more notable hosts, comedians with class, and individuals who have had earned the respect, had the longevity, and career to warrant being a host on one of the most respected award shows in the nation……
    arthur: He was terrible at the Oscars. It was like a rehearsal for Pineapple Express……

  • Crandall

    Great, now the guy is advertising his future TA gig as a pre-destined class of his own (?):

    “I had been asked even before I applied to Yale to teach a class there. I was planning on doing a production class where the students would put on a play and then other students from the film program would document the process.”


    Even when he seems to be telling the truth about some things it seems like he’s misinforming about others. Or, OMG, is the administration that star-struck??

  • ByZaika


  • godard

    franco parading as a yalie is a disgrace on a number of levels. first, technically he is not a yalie, since he is not an undergraduate. moreover, his sense of entitlement is truly undeserved. i couldn’t agree with crandall more. he was asked to teach a class at yale? by whom? i was an undergrad and a grad student at yale and i can attest that teaching is a competitive issue. i was also at a graduation ceremony in 2001, where i was handed a doctorate i had actually earned, and had to suffer through the administration’s star struck and ill informed decision to award an honorary ph.d. to george w. bush. listening to that illiterate fils à papa talk about his yale days of mediocre scholastic achievements was among the most embarrassing moments of my life.

  • Crandall

    It’s worse than it looks, ByZaika…he was advertising teaching at Yale last July:

    I really understand less and less why Yale signed onto this. The guy just showed work with Larry Gagosian. And he’s going to start working with Richard Prince (a master of deception and misinformation)–Terry Richardson too. And, who would have thought…both of these guys are also buddies with James Frey–who, if I’m not mistaken just got slapped by the press for approaching MFA Columbia grads (in creative writing!) to write young adult novels in a “sweatshop-esque” atmosphere. (HUH, that’s an interesting coincidence). At best, Franco’s obviously trying to use these academic experiences/degrees to sell his work and provide an intellectual backdrop (which frankly, doesn’t seem to be there to me)–and at worst, maybe he’s trying to help out his buddies too at the expense of the institutions who have let him in.

    …I really I think Yale is flushing its reputation down the drain.

  • Crandall

    So NYU, apparently, may have no problem with letting him teach:

    Is he an adjunct professor? Or a visiting professor? I don’t really get it. As far as I can tell he’s acted in several films, produced or directed several small films, and has a degree in English lit. from UCLA and an MFA from Columbia. Can’t NYU get somebody like Steven Soderbergh to teach? Or, hey, even Harmony Korine? Or Gus Van Sant? It’s just bizarre. Maybe it’s just more smoke from the Franco publicity machine…

  • Crandall
  • Crandall
  • Crandall

    Ha…interesting. Here’s the presentation:

    But, probably, here is the reality:

    Also, I’m thinking that Franco may want to post projects and photos there…and with people starting to become aware that he might be appropriating the work of others…there’s some reason to keep his twitterings private…hence the companies he’s working with becoming concerned.

  • Crandall