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Whiffs eliminated from “Sing-Off”

The Whiffenpoofs were kicked off “The Sing-Off” Wednesday night. Yale’s oldest a cappella ensemble was the fourth group to be eliminated from “The Sing-Off,” an a cappella competition featuring 10 musical teams from around the country.

In the show’s second episode, groups performed songs like “Live Your Life” by T.I. and Rihanna and “Hey Soul Sister” by Train. The Whiffenpoofs sang “Haven’t Met You Yet,” by Michael Bublé.

Before being booted they did get some kudos from the judges.

“What you guys just did melted my heart,” Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger told the ensemble.

Although Ben Folds complimented the Broadway style the Whiffenpoofs brought to the song, Shawn Stockman, of Boys II Men, found some flaws in their performance.

“The lead vocals weren’t as strong as I hoped,” Stockman told the Whiffenpoofs during judging.

After their elimination, the Whiffenpoofs performed “Home Sweet Home,” by Mötley Crüe for their swan song.

  • LogicalComments

    What a waste of talent. This is a competition for mass appeal. Do you see St. John College, Cambridge’s choir going to guest star on Glee?

  • sdesantis

    The Whiffs wuz robbed. It was clear that the judging was going in the pop direction and the Whiffs have a classic, male college glee club sound. The added choreography was just brilliant. I remember hearing them sing at Mory’s 35 years ago (but I’m a Columbia alum). It was a treat. They did get terrific exposure from the show that will support their touring.

  • nofunkymoose

    the judges were idiots.

  • morse08

    Very much agree with the posts above. This show also demonstrates what a sadly unmusical turn music has taken today.

    Also, can I just say, THANK GOD the Whiffs were eliminated!?! I mean, I think they are amazingly talented, but that show was painfully boring. Zonk! The only reason I watched was the listen to the Whiffs. The show was so poorly conceived. And Nick Lachey as a host? Really? Half the time I thought the audience was comatose. I’m so glad I don’t need to waste my time anymore watching that snoozefest.

    Too bad for the Whiffs, though! They demonstrated what real singing ability – and class – is all about!

  • Branford73

    I’m glad the Whiffs got in the show and were able at least to do both the “signature” white ties and tails and a more contemporary look. The Whiffs are a classic group, the best of their genre–doing classic songs and newer songs in the classic style. But that style was not likely to get to the finals no matter how well they sang.

    And no way would they have advanced if audience vote had anything to do with it. The T.V. audience would never let a group of “privileged white guys” (ignoring facts about not all the guys being wasps) win in a popularity contest. Not much has changed since the Duke Lacrosse Hoax of ’06. Not advising bitterness, but don’t be surprised. That’s just the way it is.

    I like the show. All the groups are talented and fun. Lachey is a bit of a stiff, and Nicole has nothing to say musically, but otherwise I like the judges, too.

  • es11

    completely unfair elimination. the whiffs were amazing.

    plagiaristic side note:

  • Yaleman

    A different league. Cider House Rules?

  • artesian

    Times have obviously passed by for this ’51 grad, who could not begin to relate to the performances of any of those groups, even the Whiffenpoofs. I had hoped they would have demonstrated much more class and reserve. This was not how I wish to remember them.

    I want to believe that their renditions and choice of so-called music were a necessary concession to the demands of the TV show, and not a reflection of their typical present day repertoire and style. Going further, I would say the Whiffs had to swallow their pride to want to go head-to-head with all but one or two of the groups. In fact, I thought it was rather degrading for them to go down to the same level as their competitors on the show.. It was another illustration of the folly of comparing apples and oranges.

    Their singing may have been impressively harmonious, but to these ears it was hardly melodic, musical, inspirational or memorable. The most significant aspect of the Whiffs is that they are steeped in Yale tradition. But there was nothing traditional about these Whiffenpoofs except their attire. And moving around like a bunch of scared rabbits was ridiculous.

    Or have the Whiffs changed from a singing group to a song and and act?

  • artesian

    Sorry about the typo. The last line of the above post should read as follows:

    “Or have the Whiffs changed from a singing group to a song and DANCE act?”

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