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March to protest police brutality

E-mails and fliers have spread across the Yale campus since Wednesday advertising a citywide protest against police brutality.

The protest, a march that will start at 1 p.m. this Saturday, Oct. 23 in front of City Hall and will move towards the police station, was organized in part by Civilians for Policing Reform, a group composed of roughly half of the Elevate Raid Student Response Committee and local community activists, said CPR member Steven Winter ’11, who was one of the students arrested at Elevate.

According to the newest e-mail, the protest is also endorsed by 20 different groups from Yale and New Haven.

“[The different groups] feel that by joining forces we can present a strong case to the city for change,” Winter said.

Winter 2added that he anticipates at least several dozen protesters will come to march for about an hour.

  • Josh

    The title can be confusing to some. Initially I read the title and though in the month of March there will be protests against the brutality.

  • Yale12

    I gotta say, this kind of makes Yale students look bad. Police brutality’s been going on in New Haven for years, but nobody gives a s–t about it until one Yale student gets Tasered, and suddenly, we need a march to protest it.

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    @ Yale12

    When have there been other marches to protest police brutality? I haven’t seen any reported in the the YDN or NH Register or New Channel 8. Marches are organized by people who have/take the initiative to organize them. This makes Yalies look less like “bad” and more like “organized.” Giving a “s–t” is a lost art.

  • monk

    Honestly, these kids look like a bunch of pampered sissies. Anyone who has dealt with police before knows the simple fact that if you don’t cooperate with them, they will make your life difficult. This is pathetic. That football player got off easy. He could have been charged with assaulting an officer and been seriously roughed up.
    Calling this police brutality is an insult to those who have been truly brutalized or killed by the police.
    These little princes and princesses merely got the same treatment any bunch of drunks disrespecting the cops would receive.

    Get with the real world kids. Just because you go to Yale dosen’t mean you should be treated special by the cops. What happened at Elevate was far from butality. Run your mouth, disobey orders, and resist arrest and you will most likely end up spending the night at Union Ave lockup.

    The New Haven community does not support you.

  • Seth

    @monk — it’s obvious from your comment that you are terribly uninformed. FYI, the football player got Tasered, beaten, and falsely charged with 3 counts of assaulting the police — when he did nothing to deserve any of it. To say that others in New Haven face worse is certainly true, but to say what happened at Elevate was not police brutality is the height of absurdity.

  • monk


    Ever been arrested before? If you resist, you’ll end up hurting pretty bad. If you assault an officer, you’re really gonna get it. Anyone with an ouce of street smarts knows as much.

    I’ve been roughed up by the New Haven cops before. I ran my mouth, then ended up in lock up covered in briuses. Was it brutality? No, it was a lesson learned the hard way. And that there is the difference between a pu$$y and a man.

    This kid screwed up big time. And I really hope they throw the book at him. The law should treat pampered rich kids the same as it does the rest of us.

    Maybe the whole ordeal will make a man out of him.

  • FreddyHoneychurch

    This guy monk is one tuff dude! But not too $harp in terms of hi$tory, civic$, law, etc. It almost seems like he enjoyed being roughed up by cops … Draw your own conclusions.