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Salon interviews anonymous DKE brother

The online magazine Salon secured an interview with a member of Yale’s Delta Kappa Epsilon, a little over a week after the fraternity’s controversial pledge event.

The 20-year-old DKE brother agreed to be interviewed on the condition of anonymity, and said he was not involved in last Wednesday’s activities. The chant, he said, is a “carry-over from previous years.”

The article proceeds into a Q&A, in which the anonymous Yalie talks about Greek life stereotypes, the intention behind the inflammatory chants and DKE’s reaction to the national attention garnered by this incident.

“Part of the problem was that the chant was carried out without thought to the larger consequences of our actions,” he said, describing the incident as an “anomaly” and “an example of a thoughtless and hurtful joke, not an indication of a dangerous culture.”

  • pineapple

    How is the chant an “anomaly” if it is a “carry-over from previous years”….?

  • Branford73

    I’m sorry that this DKE brother doesn’t get it. The “we love Yale sluts” midnight picture was a thoughtless hurtful joke. “No means yes. Yes means anal,” is an endorsement of rape, joking or not. That IS an indication of a dangerous culture. Perhaps he could reflect on how many women on campus either heard it directly or now know about it, and perhaps he could reflect on how many of them have been subject to rape or an unwanted sexual act which might not fit the legal definition of rape because the man didn’t get the message that the act was not welcome or wanted.

    If engendering fear and intimidation was not consciously intended by the event’s planners they should wake up and not be so obtuse. Whether those who would endorse or tolerate rape jokes either are indifferent to the fear or intimidation effect or intend to cause that effect, they do indeed represent and support a dangerous culture.

  • Branford73

    I want to add this paragraph from the U of Michigan student paper today:

    *Colby Nordheimer, a woman who was raped at a fraternity party at the University of Arizona, gave an interview to the Arizona Daily Wildcat in 1996. When asked how much fraternity culture played into her being assaulted, Nordheimer replied, “I am a Greek I don”t think all fraternity men are rapists necessarily, but I do think that at times, there’s a certain disrespect for women. It becomes a game, and sometimes they cross the line without necessarily knowing they’ve crossed it.”*

  • Branford73

    Sorry, the U of M article I quoted from above was published in 2001, not today. I misread their online page. The link to the whole article is here. [1]

    [1]: http://www.michigandaily.com/content/fraternities-and-heightened-rape-culture

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