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Miller e-mails undergrads about NHPD raid

Yale College Dean Mary Miller sent an e-mail to undergraduates at 6 p.m. to give a statement about the New Haven police raid that occurred at the Stiles-Morse Screw early Saturday morning. Below is the text of her message.

To Students in Yale College:

I write to you regarding the events of last night on Crown Street.

The masters, deans, and I know you have serious concerns about the reported behavior of the New Haven Police as the dance at Elevate was drawing to an end. We take these reports seriously. Let me assure you that all the students involved are safe.

Collecting the facts about last night and figuring out the best way to respond to the larger issues will necessarily take some time, and we ask your patience with that. But we cannot and will not wait to have discussions among ourselves, share experiences, and offer support to one another.

If you would like to share your observations with me and other administrative colleagues, please send them to Marichal Gentry, Dean of Student Affairs (marichal.gentry@yale.edu). We are collecting them in order to build a comprehensive picture of the events that unfolded. I have already been in touch with New Haven authorities, and I will be assembling a team of administrators to reach out to them.

For anyone who wishes to do so, there are formal channels for filing complaints about police behavior and actions. Our experience is that the leadership of the New Haven Police will take any complaints very seriously and will conduct, in response to them, an internal investigation. If you wish to pursue this avenue, information is available on the New Haven Police web site.

Your masters and deans are available to you, along with a wide array of other persons and resources, including Mental Health counselors at the new Yale Health Center, which is located at 55 Lock Street. You may reach a counselor at any time by calling 203-432-0123.

I rely on you to turn to other members of the Yale community. I want to let you know that we are supporting the students who were arrested in every way we can. I know that you will be supportive of them and of each other. As always, the safety and well-being of our students is our paramount concern.

Yours truly,

Mary Miller

  • jugurtha656

    “internal investigation?” howabout ‘lawsuit.’

  • Boogs

    Let’s see: Not long ago a Yale med students gets run over and killed at an intersection near the Med School where drivers notoriously run through red lights at top speed. Someone died. What gets done? A week of heightened patrol, then the cops go back to Dunkin’ Donuts. Now, some townies shoot at some police, and all hell breaks loose for Yalies and everyone alike. Heaven for bid some New Haven police officer be struck down before he can retire at the age of 50 with a $90K/year pension.

  • sigh

    Sure there WILL be a lawusit. Cry crycry about classism until its YOU then run to daddylawyer to sue sue soo-eey! Tougher stuff than this on the street every day.

  • FailBoat

    Can we discuss about how the YDN has disabled comments – and urged people to email them instead – regarding the police raid?

    The YDN should be able to get their story *without* removing limiting other outlets for student expression.

  • sigh

    Wanna see what real people think of Yalies? Comments are pretty funny.

    Comments on [WTNH][1] and[NH REgister][2] and [Hartford COurant][3]

    But yalies still will condescend to teach the world waht’s good for them.

    [1]: http://www.wtnh.com/dpp/news/new_haven_cty/5-yale-students-in-downtown-nightclub
    [2]: http://www.nhregister.com/articles/2010/10/03/news/doc4ca80b7e64ba3342354946.txt
    [3]: http://discussions.courant.com/20/hartnews/hc-yale-arrests-taser-20101002/10

  • penny_lane

    It does suck that the police treat much less privileged people much worse on a daily basis. I wish those people had a force at their back as powerful as the Yale administration to put cops in their place. But since Yalies are lucky enough to have this amount of privilege, I don’t see anything wrong with their protesting unfair and unwarranted treatment. (If anyone there had any kind of weapon on them, let alone a gun, that night, I would be very, very surprised–and it was my understanding that Operation Nightlife was going to be using taxpayer money to stop real violence in the heart of New Haven, not innocuous underage drinking at private events.)