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Local activists protest McChrystal

Photo by Jared Shenson.

Protesters from the ANSWER Coalition, the Greater New Haven Peace Council and other groups gathered outside Commons on Thursday to oppose retired Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s new teaching position. “He shouldn’t be teaching a class on leadership where he could teach students to cover up and lie,” said protester Deb Malatesta.

  • Stanley Heller

    Surprised YDN didn’t actually publish an article about this protest.

    I was one of the people picketing yesterday. One of the signs read “Yale Insults Memory of Pat Tillman”. Pat Tillman was a professional football player who joined the army in 2002 and served in the invasion of Iraq and then in Afghanistan. According to last week’s Time he was “an Academic All-American, an atheist, an admirer of leftist author Noam Chomsky, and privately a critic of the Iraq invasion”. He was killed in April 2004 in an incident which the army described as a brave act of heroism fighting the enemy. Actually as his family discovered after years of effort he was killed by friendly fire and his body armor, uniform and diary/notebook were burned. Stanley McChrystal recommended that Tillman get a Silver Star even though he later admitted he thought he probably had been killed by his own platoon.

    Upon hearing of his appointment at Yale, Tillman‘s mother Marie said to the New York Daily News, “McChrystal showed poor judgment and he exercised little restraint during his interview with Michael Hastings. His involvement in the tortures at Camp Nama and in the cover-up of Pat’s death has never been satisfactorily scrutinized. The House Armed Services Committee failed to vet him properly in the spring of 2009. The fact that Yale wants to employ him to instruct courses on leadership is extremely insulting and unsettling.”

    The reference to Camp Nama is to an off the books detention center (Nama is military slang for Nasty-Ass Military Area) that McChrystal ran that Human Rights Watch said in 2006 engaged in “systematic abuse of prisoners”.

    The larger picture is the question of why Yale is adding to its list of reactionaries (Zedillo, Negroponte, Blair) with a man famous for brutality, arrogance towards civilian leadership and an air war in Afghanistan which has caused so many civilian casualties and made Afghanis even more hostile to our troops.

    Stan Heller ‘69

  • theantiyale

    This is one protest which is misplaced. Mcchrystal did more to help the anti-war movement than any protestors would ever have been able to do. Whether he embraces it or not, he is whistleblower whose dog-whistle became audible to the human masses, he is the canary in the coal mine, he is Deepest Throat.

    Paul Keane

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